Community Services Assessment Tool

About the Survey

In 2011, disabilityworks launched the Community Services Assessment Tool (CSAT) —a project to provide civic leaders with a structured process to learn about the available services to persons with disabilities in a specific community and to assess potential gaps and unmet service needs that may inhibit the full participation of people with disabilities. A community may be a region of the state, county, town or neigh​borhood. The information acquired through this process will help local communities to improve program services, reduce duplication and make the overall community more responsive to the participation of its residents.

Employment of people with disabilities does not take place in isolation, but as part of a broader continuum of community supports and activities. The assessment tool therefore looks at the accessibility of a community in the conte​xt of broader issues and concerns specific to persons with disabilities. Some of the ratings are not solely related to access for individuals with disabilities and may point to related livability factors.

The CSAT Survey is currently under construction. It will be available soon so be sure to check back!


CSAT Survey Questions (PDF)
CSAT Answer Guide (PDF)