Disability Benefits Estimator

About the Benefits Estimator

​​Will I lose my Benefits if I change jobs or increase my income?

Go to work and protect your healthcare benefits. Increase your income while retaining or supplementing benefits. Are you approved for SSDI and ​​waiting for Medicare? Learn about other benefits available to you now. Use the Illinois Disability Benefits Estimator to get started!

​Who is this for and what will I need?

People currently receiving disability benefits between 16 and 64. For benefits eligibility, you must be a citizen or legal permanent U. S. resident and reside in Illinois. You will need bank statements, Workers’ Compensation, and other benefit sources.

How long will it take? Will my information be kept private?

The estimator takes less than 10 minutes to complete and all information remains confidential.

What will I get?

The estimator considers your current income and benefits, and provides for an additional income change or a job replacement. A results summary identifies potential benefits and options to explore.

Your results are estimates only. This is not a replacement for professional benefits analysis. Use the estimator as you consider a change in employment and then contact a WIPA coordinator to discuss your results.

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