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  • 2014

    Serving Individuals with Disabilities

    Providing services that are accessible to individuals with disabilities is what Illinois workNet® Centers do on a daily basis.  To consistently work toward approaches that continually ensure quality services for all customers, it’s essential that managers and staff have a road map, and that it is regularly adjusted and improved upon.  Continual improvement processes are important for any business or organization so this information isn’t limited to only Illinois workNet Centers.

    If you’re with an organization that needs to ensure services are accessible to individuals with disabilities, take a few minutes and read The Institute Brief, Access for All Customers: Universal Strategies for One-Stop Career Centers.  The Brief provides seven Principles of Universal Design and a checklist to implement universal strategies for services.  As the checklist points out, though some items may seem obvious, we all become comfortable with routines and can lose sight of designing for customer access rather than staff perspectives.

    The brief (PDF) can help you review current practices and revisit your roadmap to serving customers.

    Visit the disabilityworks website for more resources like this


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