Illinois Pathways

What is Illinois Pathways?

Illinois Pathways was an innovative State of Illinois-led STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative designed to empower students to explore academic and career interests, develop skills, access employment in careers in sectors where there will be a demand for talent. The initiative is supported by a partnership between the State of Illinois' lead education and economic development agencies. Each partner agency has a representative on the Illinois Pathways Interagency Committee: 

  • Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (Commerce)

  • Illinois State Board of Education

  • Illinois Community College Board

  • Illinois Board of Higher Education

  • Illinois Student Assistance Commission​​

  • Illinois Department of Employment Security​

Aligned to the National Career Cluster Framework, Illinois Pathways Programs of Study enable the State's education institutions to align their curriculums, assessments and career counseling with the State's growing economic development sectors to ensure successful transitions to employment and a stronger economy for Illinois. The Career Cluster areas in Illinois include: 

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