Referral Services

Connect Those in Need to Service Providers

​There are many great service providers and programs that are available throughout Illinois to help customers get through tough times and provide support to help them reach their training and employment​ goals.  

Illinois workNet provides tools and resources to connect those in need with the support services they need.  These include:

  • Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
  • Childcare
  • Financial Assistance
  • Food and Nutrition 
  • Healthcare​
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Immigrant Assistance
  • Re-Entry (Formerly Incarcerated) Services
  • Transportation
  • Veterans

Illinois workNet also has:

  1. Articles that provide more information and guidance based on a specific topics.  Articles will continue to be added over time. 
    • NOTE:  If you have a suggestion for an article or you would like to contribute an article (your original work), send the information to
  2. Videos for those who prefer or learn better by watching videos.
  3. Related Resources for online resources and tools (in addition to Illinois workNet tools) that have been reviewed and vetted.


Take a look at the recommended tools and approaches below.

Find Services

Woman With ChildRecommended Tools and Approach for Customers:
  1. Use the Illinois workNet Service Finder to search for locations across the state that provide assistance to help you reach your training and employment goals.
  2. Use the guides and resources that are available for specific customer groups such as disabilityworks and the Veterans Guide.
  3. Learn more about financial management, violence prevention, and more by reading articles for Managing Your Work Success.
  4. Subscribe to news and updates and follow Illinois workNet social media to receive updates on new programs, announcements, training opportunities, and more.
  5. Use the event calendar to find local information sessions and training events to help you be a competitive job candidate and successful employee.

Post Service Referrals

Three young professionalsDo you offer services for your community or do you know about a great local resource?  Make sure local residents find these services and programs by submitting them to the Illinois workNet Service Finder. 

  • Referral sites/services can be local, regional, or statewide. 
  • Referral sites/services can offer one or more services to the general public or require the person to be enrolled before providing the service.
  • Once the referral is submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure it is a legitimate service provider with complete information. 
  • Once approved, the referral will be added to the list.
  • If you are identified as the primary contact for the referral site, you will have access to update and maintain contact and services information.
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Handouts/Tools for Customers:

  • Quick Start Guide (PDF)