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Curating Resources for Illinois workNet with IOER

What is IOER?

Illinois Open Educational Resources (IOER) provides open access to career and education resources. It is open to anyone but also provides organizations the ability to determine their members and what resources they want to share.

IOER gets resources from:

  • National Learning Registry
  • STEM Learning Exchanges
  • State Agencies
  • Schools, organizations, and people who create open educational resources.

Responsive design ensures the app works on devices ranging from smart phones to iPads to PCs. To learn more about IOER and its tools, visit the IOER User Guide.

How is Illinois workNet using IOER?

IOER is used to provide internal and external resources to users of the website and statewide programs. Illinois workNet staff curate these resources to show on the:

  • jobPrep App
  • Resource Searches
  • Related Resources
  • WIOA Works
  • Illinois Pathways
  • Other Statewide Program Sites

Why should you contribute to these resources?

Illinois workNet staff wants our Workforce and Education Partners curating resources! We know that you have great tools that you use with your customers, so why not share them with everyone? In 2 easy steps you can be on your way to adding resources:

  1. Create an account on IOER.
  2. Join the Illinois workNet library with the "Join This Library" tab.
  3. Start tagging!



Did you know you can add the IOER Widgets to your website? Now that you're curating resources, show them off with one of the widgets, customized to match your site! Check out the Illinois workNet Library widget at the bottom of this page.