Guide for Partner Setup & Training

​Use the guides to quickly find out about tools and resources for our partner organizations.  Being a partner is free and open to organizations who, as a part of their services, help individuals, employers, or other service organizations achieve their career, training, and employment goals. 

You can easily  integrate any or all of the Illinois workNet tools and resources into your day-to-day activities to the benefit of your organization and your customers.  As a partner,  you will also benefit from being part of a community network of workforce and education partners. 

You and your organization will:

  • Benefit from great resources and tools so you won't have to "reinvent the wheel."

  • Save time and money.

  • Enhance your customer services and community outreach.

  • Use no-cost online guides and training to help your staff, volunteers, and partners. 

  • Be part of a network of professionals.

Archived Webinars

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If you missed a webinar or just need a refresher, watch our archived webinars to learn more about Illinois workNet​​.


Visit each of the guides below to begin.

This page is for partners, including:

  • Community-Based Organizations

  • Economic Development

  • Education and Training Providers

  • Faith-based Organizations

  • Libraries

  • Local Workforce Areas

  • Social Service Providers

  • State Agencies

  • Workforce Partners

Partner Handouts/Flyers:

  • ​Quick Start Guide (PDF)​

Ways To Integrate Illinois workNet