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Provide Information About and Web Access to Illinois workNet

Guidance for Your Customers

If your organization offers public access to computers in a resource room or computer lab:

  • Use marketing materials to guide customers to Illinois workNet.
  • Ensure that staff is familiar with the user guides so they can quickly get customers started. 

It is helpful for staff to have a 30-second elevator speech to describe the resources available.   

Sample 30-second elevator speech:

Our resource room offers Illinois workNet, an online tool, to help you prepare for and connect to career pathways, jobs, education and training, support services, and more. Begin on the home page by using the guides.

WIOA-Funded Resource Rooms

If your location works with individuals who are entered in the Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS):

  • When customers are entered into IWDS, an Illinois workNet account is automatically set up for them. The information case managers see in IWDS is automatically added to their Illinois workNet account.

  • Staff can print out the customer's Illinois workNet username, password and instructions, and give it to the customer. Customers also receive an email with their login link. When accounts are automatically setup, these customers will be prompted with the email to reset their password to something that is meaningful to them. You can provide a business card size handout for customers to write down their username and password that they can keep in their wallet.

  • Customers will automatically be placed into the LWIAs' customer group. Case managers who have access to those customers in IWDS will also have access to them in Illinois workNet.

Learn more about setup below. 

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Show Partnership

Illinois workNet logo

Display Illinois workNet exterior signage.

Illinois workNet Comprehensive Centers

Comprehensive centers and satellite locations are required to have approved exterior Illinois workNet signage using either the Type 1 or Type 2 Illinois workNet logo. The exception would be for those locations that are not allowed to display signage as part of their lease agreement (i.e., a site located in a courthouse may not be able to display an exterior sign).

Illinois workNet Partners / Affiliates

Display the Illinois workNet partner decal in the entrance window or door. You can request decals by contacting Partners can choose to append the partner Type 3 or Type 4 Illinois workNet logo, but it is not required.

See the Marketing page for graphic guidelines and logos.

Set Up Computers

resource room computer

Options to provide easy access to Illinois workNet.

  • Link to Illinois workNet from your website.
  • Add Illinois workNet as your resource rooms' home page.
  • Add a shortcut to Illinois workNet to each computer's desktop. 
    1. Go to the Illinois workNet home page.
    2. Click on the little icon (favicon) next to the web address. 
    3. Drag it to the desktop.
  • Display the 8.5" x 11" Quick Start Guide (PDF) at each computer station.

Display Materials

waiting and resource room

Use Illinois workNet marketing resources.

Reception Desk

  • Display the 8.5" x 11" Quick Start Guide (PDF).
  • Display business card handouts (with or without contact person information) including the Illinois workNet URL. Customers can write down their username and password on the back of the card.

Resource Room / Waiting Area

See the Marketing page for more resources.​​