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Minimize Development & Maintenance

Web Presence​

Creating and maintaining a website can be overwhelming. When determining the content of your website, avoid duplicating information that can be found on Illinois workNet® including:

  • Interactive tool(s) and guides.
  • Articles that dive into the details and provide more guidance based on a customer's specific situation. Articles will continue to be added over time to keep information fresh.
  • Videos for those who prefer to or learn better by watching them.
  • Curated career and educational resources.

You can link to any of our resources and you can further minimize your website maintenance by copying and pasting our widgets into your site. 

Learn more about these options below. 

Get more details and get started today!  Still have questions? Go to Partner FAQ.


​Illinois workNet Widgets

Illinois workNet Widgets

Customize Illinois workNet Tools for Your Site 

Add customized, interactive tools that are maintained through Illinois workNet to your site. 

It is easy.

  1. Select from a list of widgets.

  2. Fill out a form to generate code.  There are various customization options depending on the widget.  These can include:

    • Color

    • Font type

    • Topics

    • Audience

  3. Copy and paste the code on your website. This is a lot like embedding a YouTube video on your website.   

​​Website Accessibility

Web Accessibility

Ensure Your Site is Accessible

In an effort to address these needs on Illinois workNet, we strive to present content based on the Amendment to the Workforce Rehabilitation Act: Federal "Section 508," the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act.

For accessibility testing, we recommend using a variety of tools, including:

For additional information on web accessibility standards, visit the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA) and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) websites.

​​Publish Your Information

Help wanted:  Publish Your Information 

Interested in contributing content? 

Wonderful! Thank you in advance and submit it to info@illinoisworknet.com.

  • If you have content guidance or tips, please submit the information in the form of an article. We will review and post it, and give you the credit, of course.

  • If you have related resources, please provide the link and a brief description in the email.

  • If you have a best practice, we would love to learn more!

Your shared contributions will benefit a broad network of workforce and education partners in assisting their customers.