Job Club

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How Illinois workNet Fits In

Job Clubs

Job clubs provide a w​​​ay for job seekers to:

  • Expand their network to find job openings.
  • Have accountability partners to help stay "on track" during their job search.
  • Serve as a support group for other members during rough times.

Job club members may meet weekly via social media and in-person on a monthly basis.​ They typically share:

  • Job leads (Who's hiring? Who's not?).
  • Business cards and resumes (What works? What doesn't?).​
  • Job search and career strategies and techniques (What works? What doesn't?).

Illinois workNet has tools for developing a job search strategy and building a network.

Learn more about these options below. 

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Illinois workNet

Virtual Job Club

Illinois workNet Virtual Job Club 

Advice, Support, Job Leads, Job Search Strategies Available 24/7...Join Today!

Facilitator Role

Job Club Faciltator

Provide guidance and tools.

  1. Advertise your job club meetings using the event calendar.

  2. Have members participate in the Illinois workNet Virtual Job Club in addition to in-person meetings to expand their network. Partner staff, job seekers and individuals can join.

  3. Let members know they can download the jobPrep App to use Illinois workNet tools and access the Virtual Job Club. Give them the jobPrep App Flyer (PDF).

  4. Use the Quick Start Guide (PDF).

  5. Use the Guide for Helping Individuals to help job club members reach their training and employment goals.

Member Role

Job Club Participant

Come prepared.

Use Illinois worknet to do your job club homework!

  • Have a specific goal or focus for your job search. Use the tools available in Explore Careers and Job Openings to help set specific goals.
  • Know your own skills, abilities, and interests. Use the tools available in Explore Careers and Qualify for ​​​​​​Jobs to help identify skills and abilities.
  • Practice interviewing and communication skills. Use tools available in Qualify for Jobs and Job Openings to help develop interview skills.
  • Research the employers that you would like to approach for a job.  Use the tools available in Job Openings and Network &​ Connect to help you research employers.
  • Be prepared to connect with others using social media. Use the tools available in Network & Connect to help you get started.

In-Person Format

Job Club in-person meeting

Basic Agenda

  1. Members share results and accomplishments.

  2. Members discuss specific areas where support is needed. They share advice, support, job leads, and job search strategies.

  3. Members state realistic job search goals for the upcoming week(s).