No-Cost Human Resources Services

No Cost Human Resources Services

Learn how to assess employers, pre-screen candidates, and identify local talent.

Illinois workNet quickly connects employers to job posting sites and provides options for no-cost job postings available to them. Help businesses explore recruiting opportunities, post jobs, and advertise information on local area news and events, such as job fairs. Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Employer Assessment
  • Step 2: Job Seeker Pre-Screening & Referrals
  • Step 3:​ Recruiting Resources

Use the tools and resources below as you create an outreach plan, coordinate with community partners, and reach out to your local employers.

Illinois workNet has:

  1. Tools and resources that all business customers can use for their hiring needs.
  2. Articles that dive into the details and provide guidance based on an employer's specific situation. Articles will continue to be added over time.
    • NOTE: If you have a suggestion for an article or you would like to contribute an article (your original work), send the information to
  3. Videos for those who prefer or learn better by watching videos.
  4. Related Resources for online resources and tools (in addition to Illinois workNet tools) that have been reviewed and vetted.

Take a look at the recommended tools and approaches below.​

Employer Assessment

The designated Business Service Team (BST) member should meet the employer at their place of business and conduct meetings to:

  • Educate the employer on the benefits of services.
  • Learn more about the employer’s business and needs.
  • Identify and describe the possible position(s) and training required.
  • Share information on potential cost savings through Employer Hiring Credits.
  • Observe the work setting and environment. This will give the candidates a better idea of what that job really requires and what they would be experiencing on the job.
  • Employer visits will also help you articulate the purpose of your outreach plan and identify potential job seekers and employers to target for Business Services.

Tools and Resources:

Job Seeker Pre-Screening & Referrals

Pre-Screening candidates is a value-added service that can be provided to employers. Business service teams are making an investment in both the employer and job seekers and must ensure that candidates can meet the employer's needs. Methods may include:

  • Find pre-employment screening and other valuable workforce services provided to Illinois businesses.
  • Become familiar with the benefits of hiring older workers, people with disabilities, youth, and more. Review the training options and hiring credits.
  • The assessment of the candidates' interests, attitude, behaviors, skills, and abilities indicate that the participant will be a valuable employee.
  • Measure a candidate's skills and interests with formal and informal assessments,
  • Make sure candidates are prepared for their job search.

Tools and Resources

  • Employment 101
    • Access from your My Dashboard when logged into Illinois workNet
    • Work with your clients to establish a career path that match employers seeking someone with their skills.
  • Illinois workNet Resume Builder Tool
    • Access from your My Dashboard when logged into Illinois workNet.
    • Access "Resume GPS" to find and review resumes posted by job seekers in the resume builder tool.
  • Identify Your Skills and Interests
    • Access from your My Dashboard when logged into Illinois workNet.
    • Review skills of interests of your clients to match potential employers requests.

Recruiting Resources

Recruiting resources for local employers include:

  • Use the Featured Employers area as a value added service to help businesses recruit.
  • Match employers to jobseekers through Illinois JobLink.
  • Post job fairs and recruitment events on Illinois workNet Events Calendar.
  • Become familiar with your unique applicants.
  • Share social media recruiting tips and flyers.

Tools and Resources for Employers


SWOT Analysis Templ​ate - PDF

Employment 1​01 Guide - PDF​

Illinois workNet Resume Builder Tool Guide - PDF

Skills and Interest Survey Gui​de - PDF​

Illinois JobLink​ 

Recruit and Hire with Social Media Guides: