Partner Layoff Recovery FAQ

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Marketing Materials

  1. How do I create a QR code?

    ​You can use the free website QR Creator. With this website you can create a QR code for your Company Layoff page to add to your flyer!

  2. What is a QR Code?

    ​A QR Code is a different form of a barcode. You can scan these QR codes with an app using your smart phone and it will take you to the website the code was created for.

Restricted Access Areas

  1. How do I get access to these areas?

    Send your access request email to and they will review with the LWDA contact and approve or deny the request.​

  2. Why are some areas of the guide restricted?

    The Business Layoffs and Closings, Partner Dashboard, and Reporting Dashboard are restricted because of the personal/private information stored there.