Promote Laid Off Worker Assistance (LOWA) Activities

Approach for Demonstrating the Illinois workNet® Portal Benefits
  • Demonstrate how quickly people can find what they are looking for using the portal.
    • Find a Job
    • Prepare for a Job
    • Learn
    • Services
  • Explain that anyone can benefit from Illinois workNet and it can be accessed from anywhere there is Internet access including on their phone, at home, a friend’s house, schools, resource rooms, and libraries.
  • Display Illinois workNet LOWA marketing materials.
  • Explain that Illinois workNet provides easy access to a number of resources through state and local partnerships and all resources are verified to be good and worthwhile.

  • Provide Illinois workNet LOWA materials at layoff events.
  • If workers have an email address, email them the Illinois workNet URL to their company layoff page.
  • Have a career fair on site at the closing business location and use the portal to advertise the career fair to other surrounding businesses.
  • Offer to come to an employer who is going through a layoff to demonstrate the portal before layoffs occur.

Workshops & Training
  • Use the portal to show individuals where to find the information they need for education and training programs, highlighting the careers, wages, and trends area.
  • Offer customized workshops during off hours, such as in the evening where the participants can use the resource room computers and view a demonstration of the portal.
  • Have a workshop or series of workshops incorporating the portal to show how to find resources and connect to services. For example, the series could include: connecting to services such as applying for Unemployment Insurance, finding health insurance, and budgeting.

Expanding Portal Access
  • With the employer’s permission, during layoff events, encourage individuals to go online and set up an Illinois workNet account.
  • Work with the employer to set up a time before or after a shift where employees can access Illinois workNet through a set of computers. 
  • Work with community college partners to set up times when individuals can access Illinois workNet through their career centers, library, or computer labs.