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  • 2014

    Get Involved in Community Gardening!

    Gardening as a Social Enterprise: Including People with DisabilitiesGardening as a Social Enterprise: Including People with Disabilities is a guide for groups interested in gardening and small-scale farming as a vocational training opportunity for people with a wide variety of disabilities. The guide provides examples drawn from the Chicago Botanic Garden’s own expertise in disabling conditions, its training programs for youth and young adults, and from other successful models nationally. It includes best-practice methods, links to supporting information, budgeting examples, program management tools, and explanations of how to build and adapt a garden to make the enterprise fully inclusive. The guide addresses leadership, staffing, outcome expectations, return on investment, and impact measurement; it is a practical handbook for organizations seeking to improve the socioeconomic and public health concerns of their community by engaging people with disabilities in productive, revenue-generating work. 

    Visit the American Community Gardening Association website where you can search for a Garden Near You and find resources to get a community garden started.

    The University of Illinois Extension offers statewide information on Local Food Systems and Small Farms that can help you get started as well.


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