2017 Apprenticeship Plus Youth Program FAQ

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  1. Are current WIOA recipients eligible to apply?

    ​Current WIOA grant recipients are eligible to apply.

  2. Are we to limit the number of youth in the pilot to 10-15? If proposing more than one apprenticeship would it be appropriate to increase the number of youth accordingly?

    ​The application guidelines do not limit the number of individuals to be served.  Applicants can include more than one apprenticeship programs under one grant application.

  3. Can we propose more than one pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship in the pilot?

    ​Yes. However, you must define each and demonstrate that you have the capacity to meet the performance outcomes proposed for each of the pilots.

  4. Do we have to identify an employer that is willing to partner with our organization?

    ​Yes. Even if this is a pre-apprenticeship where it is a “prior to hire” situation, you need to have some type of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with employers who are willing to hire the youth if your program has prepared the youth to meet the employers’ requirements for hiring.

  5. Does the pathway have to be a certain length for this grant?

    ​Generally speaking the grant period is for 12 months. The program that prepares the youth for a career pathway may be shorter in time or longer. Funds awarded under this program can only be expended during the open grant term and the proposed outcomes must be accomplished within that time frame.

  6. For the references requirement, can this be a list or do these need to be letters of reference?

    ​The references can be a list. As indicated on page 12 of the supplement, please include contact information. 

  7. I am registering a new IL Not-for-Profit. My other submission opportunity is to serve as Project Manager. In reviewing applicants, will the length of time as an IL non-profit be given more weight vs. an entity's capacity?

    ​Greater consideration will be given to applications with a clear description of the program and its outcomes along with the organization’s capacity to meet those outcomes.

  8. Is the 12 page limit single or double-spaced?

    • ​Applications must be formatted to an 8 1/2 x 11-inch page size, using 11-point type and at 100% magnification. Tables may be used to present information with a 10-point type.
    • The program narrative must be typed single-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides. The proposal narrative is a maximum of 12 pages.
    • The entire application, including appendices, must be sequentially page numbered (hand written page numbers are acceptable). Items included in the Attachments are NOT included in the page limitations.
  9. Is the Executive Summary part of the 12 page limit?

    ​The Executive Summary is a one-page summary and is not counted towards the 12 page limit.

  10. The application we want to submit will provide professional development and supportive services to any career education program in the region. Is this enough to qualify for funding?

    ​The application should be a complete solution for an apprenticeship program. Providing professional development and supportive services are some of the allowable costs under the agreement. Therefore, you will need to identify the partners working with you, the need, the performance outcomes, etc.

  11. The NOFO states that applicants other than LWIA's and their active WIOA operators and providers must work with their designated LWIA. Our program receives funding through the DHS' CYEP grant. Would we be categorized as an active WIOA operator or provider?

    ​If you are administering a Title IB WIOA program that works or contracts with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, then the answer is “Yes.” This requirement is to ensure that the WIOA Title IB eligibility requirements are met.

  12. To order to meet the criteria for the Youth Apprenticeship Plus grant proposal is it correct that an organization must outline the components of a pre-apprenticeship career pathway that leads to an industry recognized certificate?

    ​One of the goals of this NOFO is to increase the opportunity for youth to obtain industry recognized credentials, which can place them on a career pathway. The proposed program should prepare them to receive a relevant credential(s), which may be entry level and stackable, meaning they may lead to a career pathway that allows them to earn other related credentials after they start a job in the field or as they progress through a program. Illinois Pathways may be a helpful resource.

  13. We are working on solidifying our partnerships with prospective organizations to participate jointly in this partnership. Will our response be rejected if we do not have this confirmed at the time of applying?

    ​Applicants are required to respond to all of the elements outlined in the Notice of Funding Award including the partnership requirement.  It is not the Department's intent to disqualify or reject an application that does not have all of the programmatic components solidified, however; the grant evaluators will consider all of the application requirement including strength of partnerships as part of the competitive review as outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

  14. What is the funding availability schedule? The date of funding award will affect our timeline to include in the NOFO as our beginning and ending dates.

    ​Grants will be awarded on May 31, 2017. Period of performance will be 12 – 18 months, depending on the project’s timeline and outcomes. This means projects may begin June 1, 2017 and will end either May 31, 2018 or November 30, 2018.

  15. What towns are included in Southern Cook?

    ​We are trying to target Southern and Western Cook County, which includes the following townships below:

    • Berwyn
    • Bloom
    • Bremen
    • Calumet
    • Cicero
    • Leyden
    • Palos
    • Proviso
    • Rich
    • Stickney
    • Thornton
    • Worth

    Here is a link to Cook County townships where you can click on the townships and see what is included.

Funding Area

  1. Are the only geographic areas to be funded those specifically listed on the NOFO, i.e. Peoria, Bloomington, Normal or may we broaden our geographic scope to include other areas within the circled portions on the map?

    The NOFO funding can be used in the entire North Central Economic Development Region, which includes Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, and the other towns/cities in that region. This is also true for the Southern Economic Development Region, which includes Mt. Vernon, Marion, and other towns/cities in that region. However, funding in the Northeast Economic Development  Region has been restricted to western and southern Cook County.

  2. I have interest in servicing both Peoria/Bloomington/Normal and Southern Illinois to include Mt. Vernon/Marion and expand to Carbondale. Would that be acceptable within one application?

    ​If the program you are proposing is the same for each region, it is acceptable to submit one application.