Programs and Funding

WIOA​ Services

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) strategically coordinates the foundational workforce programs across state agencies, listed below, so that industry partnerships are aligned with employer-based learning solutions, resulting in a skilled workforce matched with real Illinois business needs.

Employment and Training Services

The Illinois workNet system offers resources and services to meet the needs of all of our state’s citizens.  Physical locations around the state include Local Workforce Innovation Area (LWIA) service locations, approved WIOA training providers and community partners. Services include job-matching services, adult education, and rehabilitation services.  In addition, anyone with Internet access can access career, training and employment resources and tools 24x7 through the Illinois workNet Web Portal.  

Agency: Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Program and PY'14 Funding:

  • Title I - $ 128,722,374 (46%)
  • Adult -$ 35,721,028 (28%)
  • Dislocated Worker - $ 54,907,799  (43%)
  • Youth -$ 38,093,547  (29%)

Adult Education

Adult Education promotes basic skill programs that adults need to be productive workers, family members, and citizens. The major areas of support are Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English Language Acquisition. These programs emphasize basic skills such as reading, writing, math, English language competency, and problem solving. Participation in these programs is limited to adults and out-of-school youths age 16 and older who are not enrolled or required to be enrolled in secondary school under state law.

Agency: Illinois Community College Board

Program and PY'14 Funding: Adult Education - $ 13,884,137 (5%)

Job-Matching Services

Job-matching services through Wagner-Peyser include labor market information, job search assistance and referral, and placement, along with recruitment services for employers.  Resources and services, as well as unemployment insurance, are provided through the Illinois Department of Employment Security websites and the agencies’ regional offices.

Agency: Illinois Department of Employment Security

Program and PY'14 Funding:
Wagner-Peyser - $ 27,868,035 (10%)

Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities

A wide range of resources and services have been designed to help individuals with disabilities prepare for and engage in gainful employment consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice. Eligible individuals have a physical or mental impairment that results in a substantial impediment to employment, who can benefit from vocational rehabilitation (VR) services for employment, and who require VR services. If a state is unable to serve all eligible individuals, priority must be given to those with the most significant disabilities.

Agency: Illinois Department of Human Services

Program and PY'14 Funding:
Vocational Rehabilitation - $ 109,170,805 (39%)


​Total  Funding: 


PY 2014 WIOA Funding

PY 2014 Allocations Pie Chart
PY 2014 Allocations Pie Chart (PNG) 

​Core Programs ​PY 2014 Funding ​Percentage
​Title I $128,772,374 ​46%
​Vocational Rehabilitation $109,170,805 ​39%
​Wagner-Peyser $27,868,035 ​10%
​Adult Education $13,887,137 ​5%
​Total Funding $279,645,351 ​100%


Employment & Training

PY 2014 Title I Allocations Pie Chart
PY 2014 Employment and Training Allocation Pie Chart (PNG)

​Core Programs ​PY 2014 Funding ​Percentage
​Dislocated Worker $54,907,799 ​43%
​Youth $38,093,547 ​29%
Adult $35,721,028 ​28%
​Total Funding $128,722,374 ​100%