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  • 2015

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    ​Actually, you can see all about the updates and changes that have taken place with Illinois workNet. We have recently undergone a transformation with the website. We held a webinar to review the changes and the menu items.

    We offered a brief demonstration of a number of features on the menu. The purpose of the website is to:

    • Connect all citizens to resources for achieving training and employment goals.
    • Be easy to understand, easy to use, and be beneficial.

    Address key trends for web applications including, be:

    • Highly interactive
    • Streamlined
    • Visual
    • Adaptive to a range of devices from mobile to PCs., and
    • Provide a base for our complementary mobile application on Android, iOS, and Amazon.

    We showed the flow from one menu to the next and how a job seeker or employer would find the components they need to facilitate their needs.

    Take a look at the recording of this webinar and all of our archived webinars.

    • Illinois workNet Beta - The Big Picture Handout (PDF)



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