Career and Interest Surveys

Your career plan starts here.

Knowing what you are good at and what you are interested in can help you make the best career choice.  When you find a job that matches your skills and interests you are more likely to be fulfilled and find success. Employers are also more likely to notice you.

Complete any, or all, of the interest surveys to help you find the best career path for you.  Log into the career interest survey tool using your Illinois workNet account.  Save your results, then come back to review or retake at a later time.


There are 180 activities.  Choose if you like, dislike, or are unsure for each activity. 

Results:  Organizes interests into ​6 categories of work.​

Work Importance Locator Work Importance Locator

Group 20 statements based on how important the work aspect is to you.

Results:  Provides scores for 6 work values and occupations for each work value. 

Skills ProfilerSKILLS Profiler

Select 35 skills and group them as very, moderate, or somewhat satisfying.

Results:  Lists top 30 occupations that match your skills.  Calculates Holland Personality Type.

Career Cluster InventoryCareer Cluster Inventory

Rate 80 activities as like very much, like, dislike, or not sure.

Results:  Provides a graph indicating how your interests match up to each career cluster area.

   Career & Interest Surveys

Log into career interest surveys​ 

Login using your Illinois workNet account. 

​Use Your Career Plan 


Use your Career Plan, in the Employment 101 Guide, to keep track of the careers that most interest you.   

   Next Steps

  • Learn more about the careers you selected.  Look at careers, wages and trends to learn about:
    • wages,
    • job outlook,
    • working conditions, and
    • training programs.
  • Record infomation that is important to you in the Career Plan Tool. 
  • Compare the pros and cons for each career path.