​Be a SYEP Employer


​This program is not currently accepting applications.

Employer Participation Is Key!

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and Illinois Department of Human Services are sponsoring the Illinois Summer Youth and Community Employment Program.  This program promotes employment and training opportunities through a summer employment program that focuses on:

  • Work Experiences
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Readiness
  • Personal Responsibility

The program is implemented by local youth service providers throughout Illinois ensuring both youth and employers, have access to this program.

Benefits Why participate?

Helping young adults get job experience is good for business, good for youth, and good for your community.  This program will pay youth wages and provide them with soft skills such as team work and work ethics.  You can hire extra summer help that is paid for through the program and know those hired, are getting work skills you value. 

Contact any of the local youth providers nearest you or contact us (SYEP2014@illinoisworknet.com) and we'll forward your message. 

Checklist Things To Know

The SYEP participant's employment cannot:

  • displace all or a portion of a current employee's hours.
  • impair existing contract for services or collective bargaining.
  • replace the work of employees who have experienced layoffs.

Supervisor background checks and a worksite agreement are required to ensure the safety and security of youth.

Programs start June 1, 2014.



Find a local provider.

SYEP Provider List


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Employer Flyer (PDF)