Training Programs Map

EPIC Training Programs

1.  ​​Select the numbered icon on the map below () or zoom in to see a region on the map.

  • The number showing in the training program location icon is the quantity of training programs available for each region. 

2.  Select the location icon () to see program details. 

3.  Take a look at:

  • Industry, Length of Training, and Goals

  • Bridge Program and Academic Requirements
    • Most of the training options offer a Bridge Program.  A bridge program can help you improve your academic skills.  It can also help if English is your second language.  That means you can still get in the program even if you do not meet the minimum academic requirement listed.

  • Background Checks and Drug/Health Tests
    • Some jobs are not open to people with certain types of criminal backgrounds.  Select a training program that will allow you to get a job once you complete training.
    • Some jobs require a drug test, Tuberculin Skin test (TB Test), or Hepatitis screening.  You may be required to pass one or more of these tests before you can do the work experience part of training.

  The next step is to review the EPIC Programs by Region (using the main menu).

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