Get Job Ready Candidates

​What is the EPIC Pilot Program?

This program provides SNAP recipients with an individualized training plan to help them grow their skills and earn credentials in fields that are hiring now. These training programs are fast paced and are meant to place recipients in growing self-sufficient careers in a short period of time.

EPIC is part of a study to learn better ways to help SNAP

recipients get into great careers.  The  outcomes from the study will impact how SNAP and employment services are provided in the future.

Employer Participation Benefits

Employers looking for qualified job candidates are invited to participate with the EPIC program.

  • Get job ready candidates with industry-recognized skill training who are ready for work.

  • You have the opportunity to influence the content and quantity of training made available in your region.

  • By providing work-based learning opportunities you get a no-risk chance to see potential employees in the workplace.


  • Review the training programs offered in your region here​.

 ​Funding for research provided by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.