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​Benefits of Working with the Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP)

The CYEP - Community Youth Employment Program is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Human Services. The youth participating in this program are between 16 and 24 and may have faced challenges to employment in the past. 

There are several benefits to working with / hiring youth through the CYEP - Community Youth Employment Program.

  • The youth you hire may have subsidized wages for 90 days while you train the youth on the job.

  • The youth will have had training in the all important employability skills that each employer finds important in their employees.

  • Each youth you hire has a career navigator to serve as a mentor for the youth.

  • The career navigator can provide supportive services like uniforms and transportation to help prevent challenges to success.

  • The career navigator follows up with the youth for 9 months after employment to help the youth be successful on the job.

  • Hiring these youth can potentially provide your business with additional tax credits.

We ask that each business:

  • Teach the youth important job skills that they can use for advancement in your company.

  • Consider the employment of the youth as a permanent addition to your roster of employees.

  • Work with the youth and career navigator to help build success for the youth on the job.

  • Not replace any permanent employees to hire a youth with the subsidized wage. 

  • Not have had any lay-offs in the last six months.

If you are interested in hiring a youth in your area, please contact cyep@illinoisworknet.com to find a sponsoring agency in your area.

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