Youth Standing in a line.

The Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP) is a year round program that helps youth ages 16-24 connect to long-term employment opportunities. This program is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Human Services. This program ends June 30, 2020.

The C-SYEP program is a short term program to help youth gain summer employment. It will end on August 31, 2020.

Benefits for Youth Participants Include:

  • Full and part-time paid job placements 
  • Case management services to include life skills, counseling and work readiness training.
  • Educational enhancement opportunities.

This holistic approach will account for the youth’s physical, emotional, social, and mental health needs while helping them to secure and sustain employment and/or achieve higher education ensuring a greater likelihood of success and self-sufficiency.  The purpose of this effort is to foster healthy, safe, well-educated, and self-sufficient transition-age youth in Illinois. 


  • Youth must be between the ages of 16-24.
  • Both in-school youth and out-of-school youth can participate.  As part of this program, out-of-school that have not earned their GED (or High School Equivalency) will be required to re-engage in earning their Diploma or GED.
  • Youth must have at least one risk factor that may make it hard for them to get or keep a job.
  • Youth must be an Illinois resident.
  • Youth will be required to complete an I9 Form.

Apply Today!

If you are interested in this program, you can apply online.

Providers Offering CYEP and C-SYEP are:

This program is offered by the following community based organizations.

CYEP & C-SYEP Providers:

  • African American Christian Foundation
  • Albany Park Community Center
  • Alternative Schools Network - CCA Academy
  • Alternative Schools Network - Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School
  • Alternative Schools Network - Greater West Town Comm. Dev. Project
  • Alternative Schools Network - Innovations High School
  • Alternative Schools Network - McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy
  • Alternative Schools Network - Progressive Leadership Academy
  • Alternative Schools Network - Truman Middle College
  • Angel of God Resource Center
  • Asian Human Services
  • Aunt Martha's Health and Wellness, Inc.
  • Austin Peoples Action Center
  • Boys & Girls Club Chicago
  • Boys & Girls Club Freeport & Stephenson Co.
  • CAPs 11717 S Halsted
  • CAPs 8455 S Cottage Grove
  • Catholic Bishop of Chicago - St. Sabina
  • Centers for New Horizons
  • Chicago Area Project
  • Employee Connections
  • Homework Hangout Club, Inc
  • Jewish Child & Family Services
  • Lawrence Hall
  • Leadership Development Institute
  • Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House
  • Phalanx Family Services
  • Project Oz
  • Public Image Partnership NFP
  • SGA Youth & Family Services 3152 W. 47th St
  • SGA Youth & Family Services 420 W. 111th
  • The Puerto Rican Cultural Center
  • UCAN
  • Universal Family Connections, Inc.
  • Westside Health Authority

Only C-SYEP Providers:

  • Peoria Public Schools, 
  • Rockford Park District 
  • Urbana Neighborhood Connections