Apprenticeship: A Strategy to a Career Pathway

What is Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a strategy to help individuals to connect to a career pathway for many different occupations. It is a work-based learning model, commonly referred to as a “learn and earn” model, where on-the-job training is combined with relevant classroom instruction. The apprentice progressively acquires new skills and applies these learned skills on the job under the supervision of a mentor. Upon completion of the program, the apprentice receives an industry recognized credential.
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What Is Apprenticeship Chart

Illinois Apprenticeship Plus Framework

Illinois Apprenticeship Plus Framework

Illinois Apprentices and Apprenticeships

Debunking Apprenticeship Myths

Debunking Myths About Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Week

​November 13-19, 2017: National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is a National Celebration that offers business, labor, education, and other critical partners a chance to show their support for Apprenticeship. It also gives apprenticeship sponsors the opportunity to showcase their programs, facilities, and apprentices in their community. This highlights the benefits of Apprenticeship in preparing a highly-skilled workforce to meet the talent needs of employers across diverse industries.

Apprenticeship Profiles

Registered apprenticeship data supplied by the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that Illinois has 13,754 registered apprentices, with 486 active Registered Apprenticeship Programs and 296 sponsors. Sponsors are entities such as businesses, employer associations, community colleges and local workforce areas.

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Governor's Support

The Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Youth chose the Apprenticeship Plus initiative as one of its inaugural projects to provide youth and students with the opportunity to learn about and have the ability to obtain high-quality, industry-recognized credentials utilizing work-based learning models within a specific career pathway that will lead to self-sufficiency.

Governor Rauner with thyssenkrupp Youth Apprentices

Alignment with Education System

Alignment with the Education System Diagram