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Re-Entry Services

The following information can help people who were in prison to find assistance:
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IDES and Illinois workNet sites provide Ex-offender services. Get help preparing and searching for a job. Learn about services such as financial aid and child care. These are free services for Illinois residents. Not all resource rooms have these services, be sure check to see that they offer services that you need.

Explore events in your area. Go to the Illinois workNet News and Events page. Enter your ZIP code to find local workshops and job fairs.

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St. Leonard's Website (link opens in a new window)
Case Management Services- St. Leonard's Ministries provides full residential and case management services. Assistance is given to men and women who have been released from prison without the skills needed to rebuild their lives.

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Sec of State Document webpage (link opens in a new window)
Driver's License- The Illinois Secretary of State provides a listing of all acceptable documents that will allow you to get a State Driver's License or State Issues ID Card.

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Secretary of State Website (link opens in a new window)
Driving Privileges- The Secretary of State has select offices in which there are hearing officers that can offer informal hearings to allow those with revoked driving privileges attempt to regain privileges (if meet the requirements). Learn more at one of these facilities.

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Secretary of State Website (link opens in a new window)
ID Card- The State of Illinois offers free of charge, Illinois ID Cards to the homeless with the proper documentation to show proof of legal name, date of birth, social security number, and signature. The individual must also bring a completed Homeless Status Certification.

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Re-Entry Illinois Website (link opens in a new window)
Housing Services- Re-Entry Illinois is a directory of re-entry friendly services and housing. Learn about the system, parole, and probation. Get an ID card, public benefits, housing, support services, and a job.

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Safer Foundation (link opens in a new window)
Employment Services- The Safer Foundation offers a range of services including: education, employment, and support services. They also have information about which licenses are available. Learn about the offense records that bar ex-offenders from getting occupational licenses.

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Ex-Offenders.net (link opens in a new window)
Employment Services- Ex-Offenders.net is a privately run website offering links to resources, job search tools, support, and suggested companies for ex-offenders re-entering the workforce.

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DHS Website (link opens in a new window)
Employment and Training- The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides a Training and Employment list to help re-entry individuals.

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IDES Re-Entry Employment Program Website (link opens in a new window)

Job Preparation- IDES Re-Entry Employment Services Program offers resources to individuals who are ex-offenders. Get job preparation handouts and an assessment form.


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IDES Winning Job Opportunities Website (link opens in a new window)
Jobs in Illinois- The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) has The Winning Job Opportunities- a guide for the Formerly Incarcerated in Illinois. It is a short guide of the best jobs in Illinois for ex-offenders.

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Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago Website (link opens in a new window)
Job Readiness Training- Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago provides job readiness training, mentoring, and job placement for ex-offenders.

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Office of the State Appellate Defender Website (link opens in a new window)
Legal Assistance- Through the Office of the State Appellate Defender you can learn how records are erased and sealed, see eligibility requirements, get instructions and guides, and find a list of low or no-cost lawyers in Illinois that help ex-offenders with their records.

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National H.I.R.E. Website (link opens in a new window)
Legal Assistance- The National H.I.R.E. Network can help you learn about choices and options for legal assistance and find local service providers.

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Leslie's Place Website (link opens in a new window)
Women Support Services- Leslie's Place provides support services for women in prison, and those just out of prison. Services include prison ministry and workshops on domestic violence, self-esteem, parenting, and motivation.

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Incarcerated Veterans' Transition Program Website (link opens in a new window)
Veterans- The Incarcerated Veterans' Transition Program provides information about programs for imprisoned veterans.

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