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Workplace Skills: Work Ethic Skills

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Do you have the work ethic skills that employers are looking for? Find out!

Step 1 

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Ethics & Legal Responsibilities Ethics and Legal ResponsibilitiesApply ethical reasoning to a variety of workplace
situations in order to make ethical decisions. Interpret
and explain written organizational policies and procedures
to help employees perform their jobs according to
employer rules and expectations. 
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Digital Citizenship Digital CitizenshipUnderstands human, cultural, and societal issues related
to technology and practices legal and ethical behavior.
Understands the legal and ethical implications of
technologies, applications and research tools within
the workplace. Practices safe, legal, and responsible
use of information and technology. Exhibits attitudes
toward using technology that support collaboration,
learning, and productivity. 
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Integrity Behaving EthicallyAbides by a strict code of ethics and behavior. Chooses
an ethical course of action and does the right thing,
even in the face of opposition. Encourages others
to behave accordingly. 
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Acting FairlyTreats others with honesty, fairness and respect.
Makes decisions that are objective and reflect the
just treatment of others. 
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Taking ResponsibilityTakes responsibility for accomplishing work goals
within accepted timeframes. Accepts responsibility
for one’s decisions and actions and for those of one’s
group, team, or department. Attempts to learn from
mistakes. Assumes responsibility for actions and decisions.
Completes assignments and is concerned with quality
of own work and that of peers. Works towards a high
standard of performance. Exhibits responsibility such
as going to work as assigned and adhering to policies. 
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