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Skills and Interests

1. Become familiar with your skills and interests so you can tell employers exactly what you are about.

2. Plan how you will use your skills to market yourself to employers. You can market your skills to find a job by:

  • Including them on your resume
  • Discussing them during an interview
  • Sharing them while you are networking
  • Posting them to your LinkedIn page and other online resumes

Skill  Description/Why it’s Important   Tools & Resources
Identify your Skills and Interests  Knowing what you are good at and what you are interested in can help you make the best career choice. When you find a job that matches your skills and interests you are more likely to be fulfilled and find success. Employers are also more likely to notice you. Take any or all of these 4 Skills and Interests Surveys!
Self-Management/ Soft Skills These are skills that describe your work habits and are also called soft skills. Self-Management Skill Examples

Workplace Skills Wheel
Job Related/Technical Skills These are skills specific to a job learned through education, training, and experience. Technical Skill Examples

LinkedIn Skills Directory External link opens in a new window
Transferable Skills These are skills you have from past jobs, volunteering, hobbies, and life experience. These can be a combination of soft skills and technical skills. Transferable Skill Examples
Military Skills Military and civilian skills are similar, but may require re-wording when applying or interviewing for a civilian job. These are skills, knowledge, and abilities you learned through the military. Military to Civilian Skills Worksheet

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