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Career/Job Change

Most people change jobs at least once in their lives. Some lose them voluntarily and others involuntarily. Losing a job can be quite stressful. Take steps to prepare for a career or job change.

Step 1Before changing jobs, find out your abilities. Use your Transferable Skills List to match your skills to new employment options.

Step 2Use the tools on Illinois workNet to prepare for a career or job change. Start exploring your options. Identify the skills you have and the skills you will need.
  • Find out your skills and interests.
  • Update your resume and portfolio.
  • Learn how skills relate to occupations. Learn how skill levels are measured.
  • Use your skill set and identify occupations to explore.

Step 3Read about job transition advice, and ask around to see if anyone you know has been in a similar situation.

Dislocated Worker Resources

Learn about your rights as a dislocated worker. There is help available if you are losing your job because the employer is closing the business or down-sizing. Follow the steps on the Laid Off Worker Assistance pages to achieve your re-employment goals.

Mature Worker Resources

Mature workers make great employees. Your experience can make you more attractive to employers.

Improve your chances of finding (and keeping) a job:
  • Upgrade your skills, especially computer skills
  • Take advantage of training opportunities
  • Accept new job challenges
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Veterans Resources

It is a big decision to leave the military and pursue a civilian career. Don't limit your civilian job choices to results from a military skills translator. Follow the steps on the Veterans Guide pages to achieve your re-employment goals. And be sure to review other resources for veterans in the box above as you prepare for a job.
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  • Illinois Department of Employment Security: Occupational Employment Statistics

    IDES Logo Find information on entry level, median, and experienced hourly (and annual) wages is available for Illinois, the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), Economic Development Regions (EDRs), counties and the Local Workforce Areas (LWAs) in both Excel and Adobe Acrobat formats.

    Please visit Illinois Department of Employment Security External link opens in a new window.

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