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Job Search Tools

A successful job search begins with a good overall job search strategy. Your goal is not to find every job posted on the Internet! Use search tools to find recent job listings that best fit your skills and interests. Try and rate a few search tools!

Take notes on your search progress and keep everything organized together. Use the My Illinois workNet Notes tab (requires a login) to store your notes, track company websites, log application dates, searched keywords, and other related information. Review the following sections to get started.

Establish a Job Search Strategy

To prepare your job search strategy, consider these points:
  • Try to search for recently posted listings (see “Control Job Search Results” section).
  • Decide if commuting will work for you (search tools can control the search range).
  • Plan to periodically run specific job searches (using unique keywords/ titles).
  • Use several job search tools and other techniques, search interesting employers you would like to visit or call, network with friends and acquaintances, use job boards and job search engines, join professional network sites such as LinkedIn, joining groups, etc...

Find in-demand jobs in our state’s Key Sectors by using the Illinois Job Search Link opens in a new window.

Control Job Search Results

Searching for a job using Google makes sense if you want to search across the whole country. But if you are looking locally, you will need to use ZIP code and range settings to target results to your local area. The Illinois Job Search Link opens in a new window page is a good place to start.

Discover related job titles and keywords by seeing what other job titles come up in search results. For example, a search for “merchandiser” results in “retailer” or “product handler" jobs. If useful, add the titles to your search keywords and try searching for them too.

Tip: Find a career keyword list Link opens in a new window in the Prepare area to get started. After logging in, use the Notes tab to save your keywords.

Most search tools also allow you to use symbols and special characters to further refine your search. For example, a search for “writing” may only find job listings that contain the term “writing” in them. Other jobs containing terms like writer, writes, or written may not be found.

To find variations of your keywords, use a wildcard symbol (*). Place the symbol * after the root of a keyword (e.g., “writ*”) to find results for “writing,” “writer,” “writes,” and “written.” See the onscreen instructions located at the top of the Illinois Job Search Link opens in a new window page for more search character instructions.

Keep Organized

Staying organized is a big part of finding a job. Plan to take notes on where you applied, when you are going to follow up (usually one week after applying), what topics came up in a phone interview, etc.

If you own a computer, you can save Job Search Records Link opens in a new window to clearly labeled files on your desktop (for example: “jobs applied” and “follow up”). You can create the same files through any email service, and email job search documents to yourself.

Tip: Use the Notes tab and My Shortcuts menu (login required) to store notes and favorite web pages. You can later access them from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Remember to have the following items with you when you look for a job:
  • A draft of your resume (targeted for each job description)
  • Document listing your salary history
  • A cover letter (also targeted for each job)
  • A 30-second script (or elevator speech Link opens in a new window) to tell about your skills and work history
  • Samples of your work, if applicable
  • References (phone numbers, emails and addresses)
  • A pen if you are filling out an application in person
  • Identification

External Address (Url)
Flash Animation1
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DisabilityJobs.net Job Search (link opens in a new window)
    DisabilityJobs.net is the leading job search engine for people with disabilities in the USA. Search by City, County, and Key Word.

6 rates / 1.8 average.
Twitter (link opens in a new window)
    Use Twitter to connect with recruiters, executives, and companies, while also searching for job postings and following those who can help you connect to companies and organizations you're interested in.

4 rates / 2.8 average.
disABLEDperson Inc Job Search (link opens in a new window)
    disABLEDperson Inc. is a job board for people with disabilities. You can search for jobs, get notified of job openings, create a free account, and more.

2 rates / 3.0 average.
Work.Illinois.gov (link opens in a new window)
    The official website for State of Illinois job postings. Select counties, agencies or titles to search; be sure to look at application procedures.

122 rates / 3.0 average.
AbilityLinks (link opens in a new window)
    AbilityLinks.org is the job opportunity website for people with Disabilities. Search for jobs, post resumes, find mentoring opportunities, find resources, and more.

1 rates / 5.0 average.
USAjobs.gov (link opens in a new window)
    The place to find and apply for federal jobs - search by department or agency, or job title.

50 rates / 3.1 average.
AbilityJobs (link opens in a new window)
AbilityJobs helps people with disabilities to improve their professional lives. They provide a system for finding work.

0 rates / 0.0 average.
US.jobs (link opens in a new window)
    US.jobs is a non-profit job board and employment resource that businesses use to find employees, and individuals use to find jobs. Create a profile to store your resume, or just browse for jobs by location, employer or keyword.

32 rates / 1.9 average.
NextCrew (link opens in a new window)
    NextCrew is an online jobs marketplace for you the job searcher to post your expertise and apply for shift-based temporary work. Ideal for those needing a flexible work schedule, students, unemployed as they continue their search for full-time work, or simply someone needing a little extra income.

18 rates / 3.7 average.
Nurse-Recruiter.com (link opens in a new window)
    Nurse-Recruiter.com is an online portal for nursing jobs in the United States from coast to coast. There is no cost for nurses to search and apply to jobs on this site.

    16 rates / 4.8 average.
    Google+ (link opens in a new window)
      As one of the newer social networking sites, Google+ can come in useful during your job search. Create an account, announce your availability, highlight your skills, start interacting with your network, connect to influential people, organize your contacts with circles, host relevant hangouts, and more.

    3 rates / 3.3 average.
    NPO.net (link opens in a new window)
      If you're looking for a non-profit job in Illinois, search here by region, organization or title. You can also sign up for a free account to get job alerts, post resumes and more.

    28 rates / 2.5 average.
    VetJobs.com (link opens in a new window)
      Veterans, this job search is just for you. Find a job by occupation, company or keyword.

    42 rates / 4.3 average.
    hispanic-jobs.com (link opens in a new window)
      Hispanic-jobs.com lets job seekers find Spanish-speaking or bilingual job opportunities across the nation.

    25 rates / 3.0 average.
    SimplyHired.com (link opens in a new window)
      Do a simple job search by location, category or job title.

    38 rates / 3.6 average.
    SeniorJobBank.org (link opens in a new window)
      SeniorJobBank.org has postings geared toward people 50 and older, and participating employers who are interested in hiring seasoned workers.

    33 rates / 2.6 average.
    YouTube (link opens in a new window)
      Use YouTube to make yourself stand out among other job seekers by uploading a virtual resume. A virtual resume lets employers and recruiters see the professional you and gives them an idea of what kind of employee you would be before the interview process.

    6 rates / 3.7 average.
    snagajob.com (link opens in a new window)
      Snag yourself an hourly job - sort by employer or job type.

    36 rates / 3.1 average.
    LinkedIn.com (link opens in a new window)
      LinkedIn, known for its vast professional network, also features an easy-to-use job search. Find employment by title, location or keyword.

      22 rates / 3.8 average.
      AllStarJobs.com (link opens in a new window)
        AllStarJobs.com offers job search and listings in the U.S. They also provide free job posting for employers, career profiles and descriptions.

        2 rates / 4.0 average.
        NursingJobs.us (link opens in a new window)
          Find nursing jobs across the United States with NursingJobs.us, there is no cost for nurses to search and apply to jobs on this site.

          15 rates / 4.8 average.
          CareerBuilder (link opens in a new window)
            As one of the largest online job databases, CareerBuilder can be a good place to start your job search.

          30 rates / 3.4 average.
          Monster (link opens in a new window)
            Monster is another large database, often used by online newspapers to display jobs. Browse by location, date, title and more.

          41 rates / 2.5 average.
          Facebook (link opens in a new window)
            Facebook can be used for more than socializing with friends. As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook is a great tool to connect with companies, find targeted events, network, find specific groups to join, and more while job searching.

          13 rates / 3.8 average.
          Hunsty Website (link opens in a new window)
            Huntsy is a tool that helps you organize your job search. You can bookmark jobs, schedule interviews and uncover hidden professional connections, all on one dashboard. We track your progress and keep you motivated, so you can get employed faster.

            60 rates / 4.8 average.
            Federal and State Employment for Youth Website (link opens in a new window)
              The Federal Government has taken steps to help students and recent graduates join the Federal service.

            12 rates / 3.3 average.
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