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Basic Computer Skills

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Options for those unfamiliar with using a computer:

Already know some basics? Try other free computer training listed below. Topics range from staying safe online and using a keyboard correctly, to resume building and networking:

getnetwise.org (link opens in a new window)

4 rates / 3.5 average.
BBC WebWise (link opens in a new window)
    WebWise is tutorial built especially for the beginning computer user. It has an interactive, graphic-based design that makes it easy to travel through lessons and learn.

2 rates / 4.5 average.
Microsoft Digital Literacy (link opens in a new window)
    Microsoft offers free digital literacy courses at three levels: Basic, Standard and Advanced. The lessons start with training on basic computer parts, and end with topics like social media and online resume development. (You might need to download free software trial, or see if your machine meets the technical requirements to use this course.)

3 rates / 3.7 average.
TypingTest (link opens in a new window)
    Take a free typing test to improve your typing speed and accuracy. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete. The site also offers typing games.

19 rates / 3.7 average.
Flash Animation1
To control the size of the flash movie, you can use the property window and replace the description with the width and height in parenthesis. For ex (300, 400)
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