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Social Media Strategy Social Media Strategy Social Media Strategy
SM Basics Social Meida Basics Webinar Social Media Basics
SM Tools Social Media Tools Webinar Social Media Tools
SM Managing Managing You Social Media Presence Social Media Managing
SM Alternative HR Alernative HR Resources in Social Media
SM Policy Developing a Social Media Policy webinar. Developing a Social Media Policy

Social Media at Work

Learn to leverage social media as a means of expanding your customer base by watching the Illinois workNet webinar series. Click on the tabs below: 

Creating a Social Media Strategy

The Social Media Strategy webinar is the foundational component to the social media series. The objective of the webinar is to have participants walk away with an understanding of organizational and customer benefits and limitations to social media, while laying the groundwork for developing a relevant strategy for their agency, organization, or business.

Social Media Basics

Learn how to create a program image, make connections, and measure the impact of your social media activities. The Social Media Basics webinar will help participants understand search engine optimization (SEO), identify their organizational image and message, and learn how to leave a legacy. Lastly, the webinar will provide resources and information for establishing benchmarks and measuring results.

Social Media Tools

There are a wide range of social media tools organizations can use to get more interactive and communicate or exchange information with customers. Causes on Facebook, job posts on Linkedin, promotional videos on YouTube, campaigns on Twitter; watch this webinar and learn how to make social media tools work for you.

Alternative HR Resources

Social media has become an integral part of getting your next job, or finding the right talent for your organization. This webinar provides information and resources for using social media to find and post jobs. In this webinar, participants build a brand and learn to connect with employees and employers through free job board options.Watch this webinar and learn to connect.

Managing Your Social Media Image

This webinar shows participants how to manage multiple profiles, pre-schedule posts, write effective communication plans, and measure effectiveness. Overwhelmed with your social media network? Watch this webinar and learn how to engage audiences effectively.

Developing a Social Media Policy

Learn how to establish internal staff policies and protocals that support and define how social media is used in your organization. This webinar builds upon the introduction of challenges and solutions identified in creating a social media strategy--addressing institutional concerns such as: firewalls, staff time, moderation, and customer interactions and feedback.

Missed the Webinar?
Archived webinars are available in the Video Tab. Visit the Documents Tab for webinar materials.

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