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Illinois workNet Minimum Technical Requirements

To access all of the Illinois workNet® Website elements, the following technical requirements apply:

  • IBM compatible (PC) or Macintosh
    Internet access - preferably broadband (e.g. DSL, cable, T1)
  • Internet browser:
    • MS Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 (in compatibility mode only) and 9.0
    • FireFox 3.0 or higher
    • Safari 3.0 or higher for Mac
    • Safari 5.0 for Windows
    • Google Chrome is not supported at this time
  • Monitor resolution of 1024 by 768
  • 800 MHZ processor or faster
  • 512 Mb or more memory
  • 400 Mb hard disk space
  • Windows XP or higher(with the most recent Service Pack installed) / Macintosh OS9 or OSX
  • Sound card and speakers or headphones(to listen to website tutorial and some links have audio)
  • Video card with 8Mb RAM
  • Adobe Flash Player Plug-in. This plug-in is needed to view videos on Illinois workNet and can be downloaded via External link opens in a new window
  • Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. Get your free Adobe Acrobat Reader External link opens in a new window.
  • MS Windows Media Player or other video player is required to view occupation videos under Career Listings
  • Printing or exporting a full report requires the use of ActiveX Controls.
    Click here for instructions (PDF) External link opens in a new window on setting up your browser to allow use of Active X controls
  • You must have JavaScript enabled on your browser in order to use critical applications on this site.

Resource Room Technical Requirements
  • Same as above

Content Management Technical Requirements 
To post to the Illinois workNet Content Management system, your coumputer must:
  • Meet the workstation requirements above
  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Have ActiveX controls enabled
  • Have the pop-up blocker disabled
  • Have the phishing filter turned off
Flash Animation1
To control the size of the flash movie, you can use the property window and replace the description with the width and height in parenthesis. For ex (300, 400)
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