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Youth: Illinois workNet Work Readiness Assessments and Activities

YouthEmployability Activities are designed to help customers reach their training and employment goals. These activities can be printed or accessed wherever they can access the Internet. Responses can be saved within the customer's Illinois workNet account.

See the full list of 2014 Illinois Youth Service Providers here: PDF Link opens in a new window.

Review the background information and archived webinars to learn more.

Background Information

Policy Information and Guidelines
Illinois Department of Labor issues guidelines to employers and teenage summer job seekers (Released May 20, 2009) (PDF): Link opens in a new window This outlines requirements under Illinois Child Labor Law for teenagers planning to work over the summer.

Accommodating Youth with Disabilities: Any youth who have a disability need to be identified.  Appropriate accommodations are to be made by the WIA youth provider. These youth may need one-on-one assistance and more time to complete activities. This needs to be planned for by the LWIA, LWIB, and WIA youth provider.

Archived Summer Youth Employment Program: Activities, assessments, policy, and guidance that was archived from SYEP 2010.

My Activities Background:  Illinois workNet® My Activities were developed to align with the Department of Labor (DOL) work readiness goals for the ARRA Summer Youth Employment Program 2009 & 2010. The pre/post-assessments, activities, and worksite evaluations were approved by DOL. Once the program ended, a webinar was held to collect feedback from workforce professionals who participated in the program. The purpose of the program was to collect feedback transitioning the use of the SYEP activities to align with case management activities. 

Webinar Topic: Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Transition to Case Management Activities
Webinar Date/Time: September 21 & 28, 2010
Webinar Materials: Webinar Materials: Background and Goals PowerPoint (PDF) Link opens in a new window, SYEP to Case Management Activities (PDF) Link opens in a new window, Process Flow: Registered Customers (PDF) Link opens in a new window, Process Flow: Universal Customers (PDF) Link opens in a new window

Phase I of the transition process provided access to
  • All of the SYEP activities;
  • An optional pre-assessment;
  • A post-assessment with unlimited attempts and a successful completion score of 70%; and
  • A certificate of completion upon successfully completing the post-assessment.

Phase II enhanced the overall process by sharing information back and forth between Illinois workNet and IWDS.

Overview of Using My Activities with Youth

Purpose: To help youth reach their training and employment goals.

The activities can be printed or accessed wherever they can access the Internet. Activity responses can be saved in the youth's Illinois workNet account.

Using the customer groups tool, case managers/career counselors with Illinois workNet workforce partner accounts can view the youth's:

  • Activity responses;
  • Career interest surveys; and
  • Assessment results.

Workforce Partners can also use the email/message notice tool to communicate with youth in the group.

To learn more about using customer groups, go to the workforce and education partner pathway and click on Customer Groups item in the left menu.

Youth complete the Employability Activities Set using an instructor-led or self-guided approach.   This set includes a pre-assessment, career interest surveys, activities that link to resources within Illinois workNet, post-assessment, and certificate of completion.  Visit the Employability Activities page for more information. 

Illinois workNet assessment tools are used to assess the youth's knowledge of and ability to demonstrate proper workplace skills. Visit the Assessment Resources page for specific assessment information.  In addition to the Employability Activities Set Assessments, Illinois workNet also offers free assessments such as:
  • NOCTI 21st Century Skills Assessment:  This assessment is a timed 100 multiple choice assessment.  Participants have 2 hours to complete the assessment online in a proctored environment.  It can be broken down into two 60 minute sessions.  It can be completed an unlimited number of times.  This is free for all Illinois workNet partners.
  • Observational Assessment:  This assessment is completed online by an instructor.  It is a tool that can be used to provide feedback on how the student demonstrates workplace skills in the classroom. 
  • Worksite Evaluation:  This assessment is completed online by the worksite supervisor. It is a tool that can be used to provide feedback on how the student demonstrates workplace skills in the work environment.

For all of the assessments:

  • Assessments are accessed through Illinois workNet.
  • Results are saved within the customer's account.
  • Results can be viewed by Illinois workNet partners who have been granted access to the information.

SYEP 2013:  Getting Started

The information included with this guide is essential for you to plan and budget for the Illinois Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) 2013.

Task Illinois workNet Tools Who Uses the Tools Recommended Approach     Time to
Become an Illinois workNet partner site Site Management Person set up as Organization Administrator or Illinois workNet Staff     Submit a request to become a partner site Link opens in a new window.  If you are a partner, contact info@illinoisworknet.com and we will make sure you're identified as a SYEP grant recipient.      
Identify Staff     N/A         Illinois workNet Statewide Staff  Identify staff, partners, or consultants who will review/approve SYEP 2013 youth participant applications and/or verify eligibility criteria.
a)  Those individuals will need to set up a workforce partner account in Illinois workNet. 
b)  Provide a list of those names to info@illinoisworknet.com

Outreach    Outreach Materials Program Staff     Display/distribute SYEP program flyer with the application link.  Flyer can be customized with the organizations contact information  
Apply         Online Application      Parent/Student Complete online application.  5 Min
Verify Eligibility     Customer Groups (Link coming soon)  Program Staff     Participants bring physical evidence to an orientation session hosted by your organization.  Program staff reviews and marks complete in customer group.  2 Min/

Work Readiness Activities Using Illinois workNet

  • Estimated Total Instruction Time: 15 Hours (3 hours/week for 5-6 weeks). Time requirements are suggested timeframes and may be adjusted to meet the program needs.
  • Complete the activity reviews together and discuss as a group.

Youth Activities   Illinois workNet Tools Who Uses the Tools Recommended Approaches
**= Required
Estimated Time
to Complete
Getting Prepared For the Workplace Pre-Assessment (not the study guide)

Online Activities

Worksite Evaluation   
Program Staff/Participants  Week 1
 3 Hours
Violence Prevention & Money Management Online Activities

Live/Archived Webinar
Program Staff/Participants Week 2
  • **Participate in or watch archived violence prevention webinar. (30 minutes - 1 hour)  Coming Soon!
  • **Complete Violence Prevention Activity. (30 minutes) Coming Soon!
  • **Review money management videos and resources. Complete Money Management Activity. Link opens in a new window (30 minutes - 1 hour)
 < 3 Hours
Explore Careers & Training Online Activities Program Staff/Participants Week 3
 3 Hours
Resume Writing Online Activities Program Staff/Participants Week 4
 3 Hours
Job Search Online Activities

Program Staff/Participants Week 5
 3 Hours
Employer Feedback Worksite Evaluation Program Staff Week 5
1 Min/
Employer Feedback Worksite Evaluation Employer Week 5
  • Employer completes worksite evaluation.
< 5 Min/ Participant
Next Steps Online Resources Program Staff/Participants Week 6
  • Review for Post-Assessment (as needed).
  • Retake Post-Assessment (as needed) and print certificate of completion.
  • Create business cards for networking while others are completing misc. activities.
  • Review worksite evaluations with participants and discuss highlights.
  • Review workplace skills wheel (center career ladder, professional development, finding a mentor, building a portfolio).
  • Discuss Next Steps: How to use what you learned to reach training and employment goals’ (end or remainder of the program).
  • Complete participant program feedback survey.
< 3 Hours
Opportunities for Building a Portfolio     Online NOCTI 21st Century Skills
Program Staff
  • Complete pre-assessment study guide.
  • Discuss answers as a group.
  • Complete NOCTI 21st Century Skills Assessment. (2 hours)
  • Upon successful completion, print NOCTI 21st Century Skills Certificate.
4 Hours

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