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WIA Policy Letter 07-PL-33 CH4




Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

Issue Date

December 19, 2011

Effective Date

December 19, 2011

Expiration Date


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This policy provides grant recipients with guidance on implementing incumbent worker training (IWT) using either formula funds or awarded statewide discretionary funds. It also provides requirements that all projects outline the skill attainment goals and report the success of the incumbent workers.

Changes to WIA Policy Letter No. 07-PL-33, Change 2 were made as a result of new guidance by USDOL-ETA and a new definition for layoff aversion. Requirements to identify at least one of seven "at-risk" indicators as part of a project plan are being implemented through this policy. Changes to WIA Policy Letter No. 07-PL-33, Change 3 are being made as a result of further clarification by USDOL-ETA on skill attainment requirements.

Changes to the Incumbent Worker Tracking System (IWTS) of Illinois workNet™ have been made to accommodate these changes. Requirements for including the "at-risk" indicators in the project plan apply to all formula grant IWT projects initiated on or after June 14, 2010. Requirements for including the skill attainment goals and success of a project are implemented upon release of this new policy letter.

Issuances Affected

State References

10-PL-58  Reporting of Accrued Expenditures, Obligations and Reallocation
07-PL-41 CH1  Local Plan Modifications
07-PL-40 CH1  Training Expenditure Requirement
07-PL-33 CH1  Incumbent Worker Training Waiver
00-PL-14  Pre-Award Survey for Relocating Establishments

Federal References

  • Workforce Investment Act of 1998, 117 (e), 118 (c), and Section 134 (a)(3)(iv)(I)
  • Workforce Investment Act Final Rule; Section 661.345, 665.220, and 667.268 29 CFR 97.24
  • USDOL-ETA Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 30-09, Layoff Aversion Definition and Appropriate Use of Workforce Investment Act Funds for Incumbent Worker Training for Layoff Aversion Using a Waiver (June 8, 2010)
  • USDOL-ETA TEGL 26-09, Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Waiver Policy and Waiver Decisions for PY 2009 and 2010 (May 12, 2010)

State Rescissions

07-PL-33 CH3  Incumbent Worker Training

Policy Definitions Glossary Description

Employed Worker Related policies - Link opens in a new window
An individual who is employed and is determined to be in need of intensive service to obtain or retain employment.

Grant Recipient (Incumbent Worker Training) Related policies - Link opens in a new window
A grant recipient (or grantee) for Incumbent Worker Training programs may include:
a) For Formula grant projects funded with local ten percent (10%) transfer authority-- Established grantee of WIA formula funds.
b) For Statewide discretionary grant projects funded with fifteen percent (15%) state discretionary funds--1) Training providers; 2) Employers whose incumbent workers are receiving the training; or 3) Other organizations qualified to receive Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) WIA incumbent worker grants.

Incumbent Worker Related policies - Link opens in a new window
a) An individual (or group of individuals) with an employment relationship with a participating employer or group of participating employers in a targeted industry (as cited in the local plan); and b) An individual who is receiving upgraded skills training: 1) to increase his or her skills in an occupation in which the individual is already an incumbent; or 2) to prepare the worker for entry into a new occupation within the targeted workforce (i.e., the workforce of the participating employer or group of employers).

Layoff Aversion Related policies - Link opens in a new window
ETA considers a layoff averted when:
a) A worker's job is saved with an existing employer that is at risk of downsizing or closing; or
b) A worker at risk of dislocation transitions to a different job with the same employer or a new job with a different employer and experiences no or minimal unemployment.

Participating Employer Related policies - Link opens in a new window
The primary customer(s) for incumbent worker training services. This may be a single employer or group of employers and may be locally defined. Such employers must be actively participating in a WIA funded incumbent worker training program. And, such employers must be industry focused. For example, a group of employers may be associated due to supply relationships, such as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the firms in the OEM’s supply chain. Or, a group of employers may be associated through an industry-related organization.

Skill Attainment Related policies - Link opens in a new window
Skills that directly benefit the workers receiving the training by making them more qualified in their field of employment, and/or provide new skills for new product lines or processes.

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