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Main description
demand occupation icon
Look for a Demand OccupationA Demand Occupation is defined as follows.

The hierarchy for qualification is the Regional Demand
(the occupation had a entry wage equal to or greater
than 90% of the Economic Development Region (EDR) negotiated
wage as an average of all LWIA’s in the EDR AND at
least 25 annual average job openings in the EDR);
State Wide (the occupation qualified for at least
5 of the Regional Demands and thus was added to all
ten EDR lists); Career Cluster (the occupation is
listed on at least one of the six career clusters
Illinois has identified as priority [data is available
under the career clusters on the The National
Association of State Directors of Career Technical
Education Consortium website at ]), and Regional
Request (an LWIA received approval of a request to
add an occupation code to its EDR list based on substantiative
data and information supporting a need in the region).
NOTE: Only those occupations with a Source of Regional
Demand or State Wide will be eligible for incentive
bonus award under the Minimum Training Expenditure
policy requirements.

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    Animal caretakers give care to animals at shelters, zoos, kennels, pet shops, stables, aquariums, and research labs.
  • Data entry keyers use computers to enter numbers and information into a database.
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    Preschool and kindergarten teachers help children explore their interests and develop their talents. They help children build self-esteem and learn how to behave with others.
  • Kitchen helpers assist chefs or head cooks with less-skilled tasks in kitchens.

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