Wind Turbine Technician

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With a 2-year degree or certificate, a Wind Turbine Technician can earn good pay in a growing industry.

Step 1: Watch the video to learn about this career.

Step 2: Learn about Wind Turbine Technician Skills.

Step 3: Review the training and job search resources.

Step 4: Take a skills and interest survey.

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Find Wind Turbine Technician training programs.

Training Icon Those interested in wind turbine technology should have strong mechanical and electrical skills, with good basic math and communication skills. Interested individuals must also have no fear of heights as they will be climbing wind towers as part of their job.

Learn about the skills and training needed for a Wind Turbine Technician job by watching the video above.
Step 2 Find training programs using the Illinois workNet Find a Program search using the keyword wind turbine technician.
Use other industry association websites to find training programs.

Find Wind Turbine Technician jobs.

Find Jobs Icon Today, wind generates electricity that powers millions of American homes and businesses and is one of our nation’s fastest-growing sources of energy. This career field has projected job openings from 2008 - 2018 of 41,800.

Prepare for your job search. Update your resume to include keywords and skills to show that you are right for the job. Use the Illinois workNet skill example lists and resume tools to help you update your resume.
Step 2 Find job openings.
Use Illinois workNet Apply for a Job resources to help you apply for jobs.

Not sure if Wind Turbine Technician career is right for you?

Career Choices Icon The growing demand for wind energy has created the need for highly skilled workers who can build and service the giant machines. A Wind Turbine Technician uses computers and has an understanding of hydraulics, electricity and algebra.

Take an online skills and interest self survey. This will help you identify occupations that are right for you.
Step 2 Learn about the skills needed for a Wind Turbine Technician job by:

Learn more about the industry by visiting industry association websites.

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