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Getting the Skills to Qualify for Jobs

There are a variety of training options available for enhancing skills.  Sometimes the options can be overwhelming, but doing some research and putting together a plan can save both time and money.  Illinois workNet has tools to help customers through this process.

Basic Process:

  1. Identify potential careers and the required training and credentials.
  2. Identify training programs and compare the pros and cons of each option.
  3. Select the best options for the circumstance and contact the provider to learn more.
  4. Research options for paying for training.
  5. Make a plan that identifies short and long term goals, as well as strategies for staying motivated.
Illinois workNet has:
  1. Tools and resources to identify training programs, set goals, and apply for financial aid and scholarships.
  2. WIOA Approved Training Programs that sync nightly with the Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS) to ensure only the current approved and certified programs show.
  3. Articles that dive into the details and provide more guidance based on a customer's specific situation.  Articles will continue to be added over time. 
    • NOTE:  If you have a suggestion for an article or you would like to contribute an article (your original work), send the information to
  4. Videos for those who prefer or learn better by watching videos.
  5. Related Resources for online resources and tools (in addition to Illinois workNet tools) that have been reviewed and vetted.


Take a look at the recommended tools and approaches below.

Finding a Training Program

​​female at desk with booksjobPrep App - Mobile app to provide easy access to tools to search for training programs, find training events, read​ articles and tips, participate in the Illinois workNet Virtual Job Club, and bookmark all of your favorites!
Recommended Tools & Approach for Your Customer:
  1. Use the Career, Wages and Trends search tool to identify the required training for a career(s).
  2. Use the WIOA Approved Training Program Search, the Public and Private Training Program Search and the Apprenticeship Search to find and compare the pros and cons of training programs.  Identify the skills and credentials you will earn by completing the program.
  3. Determine if you meet the minimum requirements to get into the program.  
    1. You may need to update your basic skills.  If so, use the Adult Education Searchto find a program.
    2. You may need to take a college admission test.  Learn more about admission tests in the Planning & Financing Training ​articles.
  4. Once you have narrowed down your training program options, set up a time to visit the training provider to learn more about the program, work study and scholarship opportunities, and campus life.
  5. Research financial assistance options.

Developing a Training Plan

Business Man SmilingEmployment 101 Guide is a self-guided online approach that includes recommended steps, training program exploration tools, articles, videos, and a career plan that can be updated as the process evolves.  This guide and saved results are accessed through your My Dashboard
Recommended Tools & Approach for Your Customer:
  1. Learn more about applying for financial aid in the Planning & Financing Training articles.​
  2. Use the S.M.A.R.T. goals worksheet or S.M.A.R.T. Goals tool within the Employment 101 Guide to identify short and long term goals.
  3. Use the WIOA Approved Training Program Search, the Public and Private Training Program Search and the Apprenticeship Search to find and compare the pros and cons of training programs. 
  4. Identify potential roadblocks and consider options for a back up plan (i.e., have a backup plan if your car breaks down and you need to get to class).
  5. Identify strategies for staying motivated throughout your training program.


​Partner Resources:
  • ​Employment 101 - Career Plan Instructor Guide (PPT)

Handouts/Tools for Customers:

  • Employment 101 Flyer (PDF)
  • Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • Registered Apprenticeship Flyer (PDF)

More Resources in Download & Print Filter results by subject (Training & Credentials​).​