Advertise Local Services and Events

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Connect Customers to Events and Services

Illinois has local networks of workforce and education partners that offer a variety of valuable services for their communities. We offer valuable tools to help connect employers and individuals to these local services and events.  

How to Manage Local Services and Events

All of the Partner Tools are available through My Dashboard.  Always sign in on the top right corner of the site, select My Dashboard, and then go to Partner Tools.  All Local Workforce Area Coordinators and Content Managers follow the same links to get to your tools for managing local information.

No-Cost Advertising of Your Services and Events

Make sure your local partners are aware of the no-cost outreach solutions available to them.   Some of the benefits to you, your customers, and your partners include:

    • Saving time and money.
    • Enhancing outreach efforts through no-cost advertising that reach thousand of people every day.
    • Easily connecting your community to services and referrals. 
    • Advertising and participating with events, workshops, webinars, and job fairs. and copy/pasting the Events Calendar to other websites highlighting local information. 

To get started, simply navigate to the tools and submit a request to:

  • Be included as a community referral site.
  • Become a partner site and be included as a services location.
  • Add a local events.

Your requests will be reviewed and approved, if it is appropriate.

Learn more about these options below. 

Get more details and get started today!  Still have questions? Go to Partner FAQ.

Advertise Local Services

​​Waiting RoomDo you offer in-person services or get referral customers? 

Help your community find your website and services by using the Service Finder tool, share your:

  • Location contact information / hours of operation
  • Target audience
  • Services available
  • Logo and social media

Customers use the Service Locator to easily connect to service locations and referrals in their community. They can use the filters to narrow their search results for specific services with the Illinois workNet Service Finder and the jobPrep App.

Many people in communities throughout the state are using this site to connect to assistance in the areas that follow;  If you offer any of the following in Illinois, learn how you can make sure you are in the Service Finder.

Service Locations

  • Organizations that, as some part of what they do, help people achieve their career, training and employment goals.


  • Child Care
  • Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
  • Financial Assistance
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Health Care
  • Housing / Shelter
  • Immigrant Assistance
  • Re-Entry (of formerly incarcerated individuals into the workforce)
  • Transportation
  • Veterans


Advertise Local Events

Career FairDo you offer online or in-person workshops, training, job clubs, or job / career fairs?

Spread the word to your community through the Event Calendar. The Event calendar will help you reach the thousands of customers that use:

  • Illinois workNet Portal
  • jobPrep App
  • Other sites that have linked to or embedded the Illinois workNet calendar widget on their site.

Easy for customers to use. Customers can:

  • Search by location and/or keyword.
  • Narrow search results by using filters for audience, grade level, field of interest, and event type.
  • Customers can save the event to their calendar and share the event via social media.

Learn how to get your events in the Event Calendar tool!