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Below you will find all of the Illinois workNet materials available for you to download and print. This includes flyers, worksheets, infographics, and much more! The majority of the files are for anyone to use. However, some files require an authorized login. If you do not see a specific workforce and education partner resource, log into your Illinois workNet account and search for the document.



Strategic Plan Action Items for Approval52546Strategic Plan Action Items for Approval2017-06-12T17:21:23ZThese are the action items for approval at the June 2017 IWIB meeting including the IWIB Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles.6/9/2017 11:18:15 AMhttp://
Microsoft PowerPoint - Maher_IL-IWIB Meeting_20170608_Draft.pptx52544IWIB Strategic Plan - Phase 1 Report2017-06-12T17:21:24ZThis was provided for the June 2017 IWIB meeting and is the Phase 1 Strategic Plan Report.6/9/2017 10:27:03 AMhttp://
June 2017 IWIB Meeting Agenda52542June 2017 IWIB Meeting Agenda2017-06-12T17:21:24ZThis is the agenda for the June 2017 IWIB meeting.6/9/2017 10:25:48 AMhttp://
American Job Center Network Key Findings Report52543Strategic Plan - Phase 1 Report (Large Print)2017-06-12T17:21:24ZThis was provided for the June 2017 IWIB meeting and is the Phase 1 Strategic Plan Report in large print.6/9/2017 10:25:32 AMhttp://
March 2017 IWIB Meeting Minutes52545March 2017 IWIB Meeting Minutes2017-06-12T17:21:24ZThese are the approved minutes from the March 2017 IWIB meeting.6/8/2017 2:27:46 PMhttp://
May 2017 Monthy WARN Follow-Up Report20865May 2017 Monthy WARN Follow-Up Report2017-06-06T20:13:01ZThis report provides all of the company layoffs sorted to show companies with active layoff pages on Illinois workNet on Sheet 1, which are sorted by their created date. Sheet 2 shows all other layoffs from DETS and are listed in layoff date order.6/6/2017 7:49:32 PMhttp://
Layoff Recovery Workforce Partner Access List9889Layoff Recovery Workforce Partner Access List2017-06-06T20:50:00ZThis list identifies LWIA and DCEO staff that have access to the password protected Layoff Recovery tools within the Partner Resources.6/6/2017 3:47:41 PMhttp://
STATE OF ILLINOIS MONTHLY WARN ACTIVITY LISTING20864May 2017 Monthly WARN Report2017-06-07T17:03:57ZState of Illinois Monthly WARN Activity Listing for May 20176/5/2017 2:16:34 PMhttp://
Enter Services Notes Reminders Referrals into Illinois workNet66886Enter Services Notes Reminders Referrals into Illinois workNet2017-06-05T14:00:22ZWorkforce partners can enter services, notes, reminders and referrals for Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) customers within Illinois workNet. This information is used to populate IWDS.6/5/2017 8:59:11 AMhttp://
Local Board WIOA Update20870WIOA Eligibility and Program Services2017-06-01T17:11:44ZThis WIOA Wednesday session focused on eligibility and program services. It included services by customer, performance accountability, and coordination of services.5/31/2017 3:37:21 PMhttp://