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  • 2018

    DCEO Workforce Grant Workshops Added

    ​The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, in conjunction with the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board (IWIB) has released grant opportunities to improve the economic growth and competitiveness of the state’s employers and their workforce.  The Department of Commerce announces new workshop to discuss the funding opportunities including Illinois’ Career Pathways definitions and Apprenticeship Plus framework.


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    March 27, 2018, 10AM-3PM

    Southwestern Illinois College

    Liberal Arts Building, Room LA2311/2313

    2500 Carlyle St

    Belleville, Illinois


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    March 28, 2018, 10AM – 3PM

    Thelma Keller Convention Center

    1202 N Keller Dr.

    Effingham, Illinois 62401


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    April 3, 2017, 10 AM – 3PM

    Michael A. Bilandic Building

    160 N. LaSalle Street

    5th Floor Auditorium

    Chicago, Illinois


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    April 4, 2017, 10AM – 3PM

    Comprehensive Community Solutions, Inc.

    917 S. Main St.

    Rockford, IL 61101


    The Illinois Talent Pipeline Program uses strategies to train workers who can contribute to a companies’ growth and success.  Projects funded under this program are intended to develop sustainable work-based learning programs to help Illinois companies retain and train current workers and hire new staff.  The goal of a talent pipeline grant is to maintain a pipeline of hirable talent for the employer being served.  Applications must address one or more of the Illinois Talent Pipeline activities listed below to be considered for funding.

    • Projects that connect talent strategies with business needs.
    • Layoff aversion projects that support businesses and workers that are impacted or at risk of being impacted by company closures or layoffs.
    • Projects that expand work-based learning opportunities including apprenticeships for targeted populations.

    The Youth Career Pathways Program will provide grants for projects that address priorities identified in the WIOA Unified State Plan and incorporate the practices of the statewide adopted definition for a career pathway framework.  Proposals must serve opportunity youth with barriers that prevent continued education and employment.  Successful pilot projects will integrate workforce, education, and economic development services and address barriers to accessing job-driven training resulting in employment opportunities.  These projects will inform the development of sustainable career pathways for young people throughout the state. Additionally, funded proposals support the effective implementation of WIOA regulations within Illinois’ economic development regions.

    The WIOA Statewide Workforce Innovation Program can fund projects that support the vision, principles, goals and strategies articulated within the WIOA Unified State Plan.  Applicants should document how the project will impact the competitive position of Illinois businesses and workers through workforce development, education, and economic development projects that can be replicated throughout the State (as applicable).  Applications must address one or more of the WIOA Statewide Workforce Activities listed below to be considered for funding.

    • Sector Partnership Projects

    • Innovative Workforce Pilot and Research Projects

    • Priority Population Projects

    • Statewide Technical Assistance




    This session will provide an overview of the key elements of the 2018 Notice of Funding Opportunities from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  The session will highlight the Illinois Pathways Definitions and the Apprenticeship Plus Framework in addition to the other key components of the Illinois Talent Pipeline, WIOA Statewide Innovation and Youth Career Pathways Programs.

    • Apprenticeship Overview & Updates
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Talent Pipeline
    • Statewide Innovation
    • Youth Career Pathways


    This session will provide detailed information regarding the State of Illinois grant application requirements and procedures under the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act.  The technical grant submission requirements including the technical proposal, required attachment and budget forms will be reviewed in detail. 

    • Grants 101 & Illinois GATA Requirements
    • NOFO / WIOA Requirements
    • Required Application Forms
    • Project Workplan
    • Budget Worksheet


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