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  • 2017

    SNAP to Success Program - Upcoming Webinar

    ​The Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) is excited to announce a new partnership with employment and training organizations including community and technical colleges to provide skills and support to participants in the SNAP program.  This new initiative is called SNAP to Success and will enable DHS to leverage federal SNAP E&T dollars to help thousands of additional SNAP participants find employment, advance in their careers, and achieve self-sufficiency.   We anticipate piloting this program soon with a small number of providers and intend to roll out to greater numbers as quickly as possible.

    On April 28, 2017 at 3pm we will be hosting a webinar for you to learn more about this program.  We will cover the following topics:

    • What is SNAP to Success?
    • What are types of allowable services?
    • Who can provide services?
    • What is the funding mechanism?
    • What is 3rd Party claiming?
    • What are allowable matching funds?
    • What are the criteria for a successful SNAP to Success partnership?
    • What information do we seek from interested providers

    If you are planning to participate, there are two steps to joining this webinar.

    Log into your computer, click on the link below to access the presentation, and call the toll free number listed below:

    • USA Toll Free: 888-494-4032 (use this toll free number only)
    • Access Code: 8656515227
    • AT&T Connect

  • 2017

    Stay Safe Online

    Online Security ImageLet’s check the facts – there are over 3 billion internet users around the world – and according to this CNN article, the average American spends nearly half a day staring at a screen. With the growth of online use, everything from banking to social media, you need to make sure you’re keeping your information safe!

    Staying safe online isn’t just about making sure you have a strong password, you also need to make sure you’re not clicking on scams, entering personal information into unsecured websites, checking your credit report regularly, and more. Use the resources below to learn how you can protect yourself online, and keep yourself protected in the future.

    Illinois workNet Resources:

    Other Online Tips and Resources:

    Credit Report Resources:

  • 2017

    NOCTI 21st Century Skills for Workplace Success Assessment New Release

    Attention Illinois workNet Partners:

    If you are currently using the NOCTI 21st Century Skills for Workplace Success Assessment through Illinois workNet, join this webinar to learn about the new updates and what to expect during the transition.  

    If you would like to start using this assessment, this is a great opportunity to learn how to get started!

    Join the live webinar on April 11, 2017 to ask questions and learn more.  
    Register Online:

  • 2017

    Illinois Employment First Update!

    Employment First LogoEmployment First is supported by Illinois State law, Executive Order and policies that promote community-based, integrated employment as the first option for employment-related services for individuals with disabilities, physical, intellectual, or behavioral. The idea is that all Illinois citizens, regardless of disability, are capable of full participation and integration in their communities and that includes employment. Employment First is implemented statewide with the following State Agencies:

    • the Department of Human Services,
    • the Department of Healthcare and Family Services,
    • the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity,
    • the Department of Employment Security,
    • the Department of Central Management Services,
    • the Department of Labor,
    • the Department of Veterans' Affairs,
    • the State Board of Education,
    • the Board of Higher Education,
    • the Community College Board, and
    • the Council on Developmental Disabilities.

    Check out the latest Newsletter (PDF) to see what’s happening in Illinois, including news, resources, and events.

    Employment First Newsletter PDF