Employer Outreach and Marketing

Employer Outreach and Marketing

How can you help businesses in your area find out about the resources available at an Illinois workNet Center?

Effective outreach includes a good understanding of employer needs, the benefits you offer, and resources available in your community. The following steps walk you through creating a plan, building partnerships, and targeting employers. Use the Outreach Tools and Resources to help you through each step.

  • Step 1 - Create a Plan​
  • Step 2 - Community Outreach
  • Step 3 - Business / Employer Outreach

Word of Mouth

If you are able to effectively and efficiently provide local business owners tools to hire new employees with cost savings, those employers will be able to help you with your outreach and marketing efforts.

Illinois workNet has:

  1. Tools and resources that all business customers can use for their hiring needs.
  2. Articles that dive into the details and provide guidance based on an employer's specific situation. Articles will continue to be added over time.
    • NOTE: If you have a suggestion for an article or you would like to contribute an article (your original work), send the information to info@illinoisworknet.com.
  3. Videos for those who prefer or learn better by watching videos.
  4. Related Resources for online resources and tools (in addition to Illinois workNet tools) that have been reviewed and vetted.

Take a look at the recommended tools and approaches below.​

Step 1 Create a Plan

A good outreach plan should maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, take advantage of your opportunities, and counteract your threats.

  • Create a thorough customer analysis and clear understanding of the benefits of Illinois workNet's business services. This will help you articulate the purpose of your outreach plan, and identify potential job seekers and employers to target for Business Services.
  • Develop outreach goals and objectives for business services that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bounded.
  • Identify a variety of strategies and tactics to help your workforce area achieve its outreach goals.
  • Use the SWOT Analysis Template

Step 2 Community Outreach

What are the direct and indirect methods you will use to conduct community outreach? You may:

  • Connect with your local Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club. Participate in Business After Hours Networking Events.
  • Partner with Economic Development Agencies, and local and regional industry alliances, to reach employers within high-growth industries. Locate your local SBDC - Small Business Development Center.
  • Connect with local business services partners.
  • Connect with community-based organizations to create partnerships that will better serve the needs of job seekers and help create a trainee pool. Identify your local partners.
  • Promote business services through newsletters, flyers, brochures, emails, and other materials. Use the Marketing Materials Page for customizable resources and marketing materials. Inform potential partners through Public Service Announcements, such as press releases, radio and television spots, and newspaper ads.
  • Use social networking outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your services. Visit the Social Media Guide page to learn how to use social media.
  • Identify champions among employers and job seekers that have had successful WIOA experiences, and find opportunities for them to speak to organizations about their success and encourage others to participate. Encourage them to submit a success story.

Step 3 Business Outreach

Employer-focused outreach is the process of determining which employers and industries you will target. This may include:

  • Segmenting employers based on industry.
  • Researching companies prior to contact, noting previous labor needs.
  • Targeting small and mid-sized businesses which are likely to value the training reimbursement and human resources support offered through business services.
  • Coordinate outreach so that only one BST member will contact a particular employer. Educate employers about how business services can enhance their business, increase efficiency, help train employees, reduce turnover, increase profits, and that it involves minimal paperwork. Use the Presentation Preparation Checklist in our Materials list to get you started to educate businesses. Customize your Business Services PowerPoint Presentation, also in our Materials list to the right.
  • Conduct face-to-face interactions with employers, listening to employer workforce challenges that may be addressed. Identify strategic partners among employers that are willing to promote business services.


Partner Resources

SWOT Analysis Template (PDF)

Locate your local SBDC

Identify Business Team partners

Presentation Preparation Checklist - (Word)

Customizable Business Services Presentation - (PowerPoint)

Create Marketing Materials


Recrui​t and hire with social media​​​​​