Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center Overview

​How to Access Customer Support Center

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Access Customer Groups/Customer Support Center in your My Dashboard under Partner Tools. (Note: Some earlier special program groups still need to be accessed through the Partner Programs page.)

About Customer Groups/Customer Support Center

There are several types of groups within the Customer Support Center, but all have the same basic purpose. The purpose is for partner organizations' staff to have access to saved customer work readiness information so that you can provide guidance to help your customers reach their career, training, and employment goals. If you're staff with a Local Workforce area, you already have a group. If you're not staff with an LWIA, you can invite customers into a group you can create.

Benefits of Using the Customer Support Center

  • View Assessment results.  Use the Assessment Dashboard to get an overview of customers who have or have not completed an assessment offered through Illinois workNet.
  • View Employment 101 assessment scores and plans.
  • Assist your customers with recovering or updating their passwords.
  • View outcomes, such as certificates issued.
  • Communicate directly with your customers.
  • Access the additional features that are included for special programs.

Learn more about these options below. 

Print instructions for more details and get started today! Still have questions? Go to Partner FAQ.​

Important Note

Customers should only have and maintain            ONE Illinois workNet account. Information is saved with the customer's account. If the customer has more than one account, the information may be saved in multiple accounts.

Making sure your customers know they should only have ONE account simplifies how you and your customers access saved information.

Invitation Access
General Customer Group    

Partner IconWho can use this type of group?

This group is often referred to as a personal group or invitation group since customers and partners are added using an invitation​ process.  Everyone who has an approved Illinois workNet partner account can have a personal/invitation group. 

Implementation Examples:

  • Instructors working with students.
  • Career advisors working with customers.
  • Career planners determining eligibility or working with enrolled customers.

Special Benefits:

  • Ability to create subgroups.
  • Ability to send messages as group emails.

Customer IconHow do customers get into this group?

  1. Invite customers. See Customer Groups Invitation Instructions (PDFfor details.
    • Recommended Approach: Give your group of specific customers the web address and passcode to join.
    • Alternate Approach: Send individual email invitations to specific customers.

  2. Customers accept or deny the invitation.

  3. When they accept the invitation, they are immediately added to your group.

IWDS Access
Case Management Flow    

Partner IconWho can use this type of group?

If you have access to customers in IWDS, you will be able to access Illinois workNet account information for those customers in your IWDS customer group.

Access to these customers is controlled by your current access level in IWDS.  

Implementation Example:

WIOA career planners working with customers.

Special Features:

  • Ability to create subgroups.
  • Ability to send messages / group emails.

Customer IconHow do customers get into this group?

IWDS customers are automatically added to LWIA customer groups after they are entered in IWDS. Illinois workNet and IWDS are synced nightly for updates to the IWDS account. ​​

Special Programs
Special Programs    

Partner IconWho can use this type of group?

These groups require authorization to gain access. Access is provided to specified staff on a project-by-project basis.

Implementation Example:

Special programs such as Accelerated Training for Illinois Manufacturing where a specific group of partners need to have access to a specific groups of program applicants/participants.

Special Features:

Special features vary because they are dependent on the program requirements.

Customer IconHow do customers get into this group?

This depends on the program requirements.

Option 1 - When customers complete an application to participate in a program, they are automatically added to the special program group.

Option 2 - Career planner/case worker adds them to the group which gives the customer access to complete an application.