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  • 2016

    Updated Labor Market Information (LMI) on Illinois Pathways

    ​The Labor Market Information (LMI) available for all 9 Illinois Pathways has been updated to the most current data from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). This data provides you with:

    • Employment in Illinois,
    • Employment Change through 2024,
    • Average Annual Openings,
    • 2015 Median Annual Wage, and
    • Training/Education Level required for each career!

    Ways to see the new data:

    • View the LMI for each pathway or you can export as a CSV file to review later.
    • See updated Highlights at a glance at the top of each career page.
    • Check out the industry overview for additional information.

    Check out the LMI data for careers that interest you! Get started now by selecting one of the 9 Illinois Pathways and then select View Careers for any Pathway. You can also:

    • see all Careers for a specific pathway or
    • view all careers for all pathways.

    9 Illinois Pathways Image

    Architecture and Construction Pathway Detail Page Image