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  • 2015

    Next Up In Our Webinar Series...

    Illinois workNet wants to make sure you know what we have for you on the new Beta Illinois workNet! We've started our webinar series that will go in depth on each menu item so you can see the tools and resources offered by each. We've already covered Explore Careers and Training and Credentials, next up we have Qualifying for the Job You Want and Starting a Business!

    Starting a Business Webinar

    Sometimes finding another job just isn't what you want to do. OR you have a fantastic idea and you plan to start your business while you are still working at another job. Whatever the way it happens, find out the resources available on Illinois workNet to help you get your ducks in a row before you launch your new endeavor.

    Eventbrite - Starting a Business Webinar

    Qualifying for the Job You Want Webinar

    Finding the job you want can be exciting, but learning that you do not qualify for it can be disappointing. Knowing what employers want, the skills you have to offer, and showing those skills off through your resume is a way to avoid that disappointment.

    Join us for this webinar to review all of these areas to help you with your job search:

    • Do you know the characteristics employers value in their best employees? It isn't just great technical skills, but includes valuable workplace skills.
    • More and more workplace settings include a computer. Are your skills up to date? Illinois workNet offers tools and resources for both of these areas.
    • Then, when all of your skills are updated, the Illinois workNet Resume Builder is the best place to create all of the documents you need for your job search.

    Eventbrite - Qualifying for the Job You Want Webinar


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