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  • 2019

    Construction Safety Week 2019

    May 6 – May 10 is National Construction Safety Week. During this week, the construction industry recognizes workplace safety concerns and works together to prevent injuries on the job. With workers in the construction industry being at risk every day, Illinois workNet offers resources that can help inform workers on how to avoid injuries and prevent an accident at your work. Be it a reminder for yourself or a way to convey this information to coworkers, you can learn more about construction safety at the Construction Safety Week website.

    Whether you are just getting started in the industry or have been in it for years, these resources apply to workers of all positions and stages throughout construction projects.

    Below is a list of resources Illinois workNet has put together for National Construction Safety Week:

    • Be Safe in Your New Job – When starting a new job, it's important to be aware and cautious of equipment you have not previously used. From operating workplace equipment to preparation and clean-up of your workspace, this article covers important safety precautions to keep in mind when on the job.
    • Stay Safe and Productive at Work – Following your company's safety guidelines is key to prevent workers from getting hurt. This article covers safety tips for the workplace so that you and your team can be efficient in all your construction projects. 
    • Technical Skills – Read up on the different skills required in the industry and how you can keep your skills and performance up to date. 
    • Do You Need a Work Permit? – For younger members of the workforce, this article provides information on what jobs require work permits, rules for youths in the workplace, and how to apply for the work permit you will need.
    • Safety and Health – This article includes different resources, information, and regulations that apply to workplaces in Illinois.

    For more information on National Construction Safety Week, go to the Construction Safety Week website to learn about the history, upcoming events, the companies involved with this initiative, and much more.

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