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  • 2019

    Apprenticeship 101 Workshop Series 2019

    Workforce professionals and service providers will have the opportunity to learn the basics for different  apprenticeship models and how best to take advantage of these opportunities in Illinois.

    Target Audience

    The workshops targets (1) organizations that currently support workforce development programming but need support to participate effectively in apprenticeship programs and (2) organizations who wish to support or create apprenticeship programs in their area. The organizations may currently provide:

    • Workforce readiness skills such as professional skills, technical skills, or career exploration,
    • On-the-job supports such as counseling and social services, or
    • First-job experience or guided employment.

    The types of organizations that may benefit from these workshops include: community-based organizations, foundations, associations, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development, front-line workers, high school vocational educators, community college workforce development professionals, and other service providers.

    These workshops are free of charge.

    For more information on what you will learn from the workshops, view this flyer.

    For dates and locations of the workshops taking place throughout Illinois, visit this page.


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