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  • 2018

    Illinois workNet Redesign Feedback Webinar

    If you have used Illinois workNet the past several weeks, you may have noticed some changes.  The workNet team has re-designed several different features of the website to allow for an enhanced look and feel across devices (computers and mobile). These updates include new:

    • Sliding menus,
    • News, events, and announcements,
    • Images, icons, and headers,
    • Success Stories display,
    • The latest Illinois workNet social media activity,
    • A new article app,
    • And more!

    As an Illinois workNet user and Workforce/Education Partner, we want your feedback on these changes! We have scheduled a webinar for January 18th where we will provide a live demo of the site changes and ask for your feedback.

    Please register for the Individual and Partner Redesign Feedback Webinar.


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