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  • 2018

    NEW SNAP Benefits for College Students

    ​Governor Rauner recently signed into law SB 351, which assures Illinois' community college students enrolled in Perkins-approved CTE programs have access to food security through SNAP benefits. An estimated 40,000 low-income community college students across Illinois – both full-time and part-time students – are now eligible for these benefits.

    Eligible students include low-income vocational-track students attending community colleges across Illinois, whether they go to school full-time or part-time. Students in vocational-track community college courses include: Agriculture, ford & Natural Resources; Architecture & Constructions; Art, Audio/Video Technologies, & Communications; Business Management & Administration; Education & Training; Finance; Government & Public Administration; Health Science; Hospitality & Tourism; Human Services; Information Technology; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security;  Manufacturing; Marketing; Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math; and Transportation, Distribution & Logistics. View the Community College SNAP brochure for more information on SNAP benefits for College Students. Students who want to apply for SNAP should complete a verification form and have it signed by an administrator in their school's financial aid or bursar's office. The student should bring the completed and signed verification form with them to their appointment with the Illinois Department of Human Services. Download a verification form here.



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