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  • 2016

    Register for Upcoming Webinar Series!

    ​Illinois workNet has more upcoming webinars with the U.S. Dept. of Labor - Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) for you to attend! See each below and register to attend to get real-time information from our hosts and ask any questions you have!

    These webinars WILL NOT be recorded so make sure to register to attend so you can get all the information you need and ask any questions you have.

    Review each session below and register for any that interest you here.

    • Health Insurance Options – November 1st at 10 AM
      • EBSA provides health benefits education focusing on life and work events and the benefit decisions they impact as well as information on the federal health benefits laws related to employment based group health plans to help employees and their families make informed decisions. The presentation will include detailed information on:  
        • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Special Enrollment Rights
        • The Consolidated Omnibus Budget (COBRA)
        • Individual Health Coverage (Marketplace)
        • Healthcare Coverage through a Government Program
    • Work and Life Changes Require Health Choice – November 8th at 10 AM
      • Opportunities and setbacks are part of life — especially when it comes to work. Learn how changes in employment status can affect health coverage. Whether you are thinking about changing employers, have landed a new job, or lost or retired from one, find out today how to have the health benefits you might need tomorrow. Know your rights. Exercise your options.
    • The Affordable Care Act: Market Reform Provisions for Employer-Based Health Plan – November 15th at 10 AM
      • The presentation will provide an overview of Affordable Care Act provisions that apply to employer-sponsored group health plans, including:  grandfathered plan rules, dependent coverage to age 26, lifetime and annual limits, preexisting condition exclusions, internal claims and appeals, External Review, preventive services, patient protections, and Wellness Programs.
    • Taking the Mystery out of Retirement Savings – November 29th at 10 AM
      • If you are one of those people who want to plan-and are about 10 years from the day you retire-this presentation is for you.  Whether you are 10 years from retirement or have a different timeframe, this presentation will help you to unravel the financial mysteries of life after work and to discover changes you can make for a financially secure future.
    • Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future – December 6th at 10 AM
      • Planning for a secure retirement can be challenging, but the sooner you start, the easier it will be.Here is one simple way to get you on the road to financial security. Join us as we talk about ways to increase your financial fitness and save for retirement, including making the most of employer-based retirement savings plans.

    These webinars are provided by Illinois workNet and the U.S. DOL EBSA.


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